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Whirlpool Fully Automatic Coffee Maker ACE 100

I always preferred fully automatic coffee makers to semi automatic, especially this one is so user friendly. Also there is an option for grinding the coffee beans as well .Just need to select the option for the taste viz. Mild, strong, or extra strong option.....But I prefer the standardised option which is their by default. Just place the cup under the spout and bring them close to the cup...And press the button.

The machine now grinds the beans if the coffee beans are used and the coffee fills in the cup and within seconds the ready message is there on the screen. Now just need to turn off the machine. Option for making quick coffee, hotter coffee. The espresso or cappuccino option available in this maker is a result of the thermo block system and optimal water pressure. This coffee maker is very easy to clean though requires a bit of patience for the working people....But actually the steel used is anti fingerprint which actually makes it easy to clean the dust, grease...This actually avoids the scrating.

The grinding coarsness regulator can actually be regulated by turning for the coarseness. I personally suggest this coffeemaker to everybody who likes quality, style and user friendly. The only problem i faced with this product was when it was installed.....it requires skilled technician...also the cost of this product is a bit high.....But believe me quality never comes cheap.

•User Friendly
•Double thermo block system & optimal water pressure option

• Installation difficult
• High cost This fully automatic coffee maker by Whirlpool makes the coffee making job so easy.


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