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West Bend Coffee/Cappucino Maker

by katie


West Bend 55109 3-in-1
Coffee Center

We purchased the West Bend Coffee Maker/cappucino maker in January of 2008. It has a large 10 cup capacity for making coffee and a 4 serving cappucino container.

The machine includes a scoop to use to measure coffee/espresso and a steam cover for the cappuchino attachment so you can just froth milk if you need to. The frothing attachment swings back and forth so you can move it in and out of the way. In the past several months of use, all of the parts/components of the machine are still in good working order.

I had a cappuchino machine/coffee maker in the past (don't remember the brand) and after a few uses the frothing wand became so clogged it was non-usable. I have not had that problem with this machine. There are markings on the cappucino caraffe to let you know when to start frothing your milk, making the process much easier.

The coffee pot is still in great condition, with no major stains or cracks yet. The filter holder is angled to prevent the coffee filter from bunching up and getting pieces of the ground in your coffee. The machine keeps the coffee warm for 2 hours, so you can enjoy fresh tasting coffee all morning. The coffee is brewed very quickly.

I usually leave the brewing to my husband because the last time I made coffee in our Hamilton Beach machine I had the filter dip down, so the coffee brewed with the grounds in it. This machine is easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee. I also like that the cappucino maker part works well.

I have made quite a few cups of cappucino back to back and the parts/machine work well and do not lose their abilities with time or excessive use.

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Aug 31, 2015
West Bend Coffee/Cappucino Maker NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 03, 2015
Good work NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jun 27, 2015
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Dec 30, 2009
West Bend Coffee/Cappucino Maker Bad Choice
by: Anonymous

Bought this yesterday. The espresso side does not work at all. Poor !! Returning it tomorrow.

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