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West Bend 68303 Iced Tea Maker 2 3/4 Quarts

White 2 3/4 Quarts Timed Brewer Steeping Settings

White 2 3/4 Quarts Timed Brewer Steeping Settings

If you're looking for an iced tea maker that's big on quality, capacity and features, then you may want to consider the West Bend 68303 Iced Tea Maker. There is no substitute for a great beverage to quench one's thirst, and iced tea is one drink everyone loves. The functionality of this iced tea maker makes it a hit with users who have already considered iced tea to be more of an all-occasion beverage rather than just a summer drink.

Interior Features
  • The West Bend 68303 iced tea maker has a special feature that is usually something that has to be bought separately with other iced tea making machines. The sweetener chamber is included in the iced tea maker, conveniently dissolving sweetener during the cycle of brewing, which produces a ready-to-serve pitcher of sweetened iced tea. The sweetener chamber may be empty should the user opt not to have sweet tea. The gadget is removable for the purposes of cleaning.
  • The stainless steel filter made of mesh can be used with both loose tea leaves or tea bags. It is also removable for easier cleaning.
  • The 2.75 quart pitcher allows for a lot of iced tea for a small group brew.

    Exterior Features

  • There is no need for guesswork with the West Bend 68303 iced tea maker as the timed brewing and steeping settings allow for the user to enjoy iced tea within 10 minutes and a brew according to his or her preference - mild, medium or strong.
  • The unit shuts off automatically once a brewing cycle is through. It also has an 'On' indicator light once the button to start brewing is pushed.
  • The pitcher has a curvy design made of see-through plastic and the rest of the unit is in crisp white.

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.7 x 15.2 inches
    Capacity of pitcher: 2 3/4 quarts


    There's no need for added hassle just to make iced tea anymore - all it takes is 10 minutes and a pitcher of iced tea is ready with this unit. It is quite easy to use this iced tea maker. There are no complicated procedures to follow and the controls are easy to operate. Clean-up is quite easy, as most of the internal parts of the iced tea maker are removable.


    The pitcher is made of plastic, which may crack eventually due to wear and tear. Many reviews say the sugar does not really get dissolved, leaving lots of sugar residue in the compartment for sweetener and even in the pitcher. A number of users have also said that the brewed iced tea does not really all get into the pitcher, with splashes on the sides of the unit.


  • curvy look of the pitcher
  • large capacity
  • brew settings
  • fast brewing cycle
  • easy clean-up
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to use
  • sturdy built
  • durable parts
  • sweetener chamber
  • 10-minute brewing capacity
  • removable internal parts
  • 2.75 liter capacity
  • stylish design
  • see through pitcher


  • pitcher may not be as durable according to others
  • sugar residue in the different parts of the unit
  • messy brewing

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