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West Bend 54159 Classic Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator


My Husband bought this percolator for me 8/01/2011 at K-Mart. The first month the percolator died with circulator problems, the next month in Sept we returned it to K-Mart because the percolator shorted; in October we took the pot back due to circulator issues and it did make it this time 2 months, the day is Dec 3rd and when washing the cover last night, the top cheap plastic piece broke. I am really fed up with both the Percolator and K-Mart. I just called and they said it was past 90 days because we had no receipt, girl didn't give my husband one and we didn't take out an extended warranty, so I guess you could say I paid $39.99 for one month of service 3-4 times and K-Mart stuck their nose up at me and told me to go to the manufacturer for help. I was put on hold for a long time, ignored and I am normally so easy to get along with, but I have no patience anymore with this percolator or the lousy service I got at K-Mart. Save yourself a hassle, do not buy this percolator. It could have just been a bad batch of them that came in at K-Mart, but regardless, why did I keep having problems. It was this 54159 pot and I guess I should have know better, a cheap plastic clear top, but like another buyer, I liked to see the coffee perk. Why not a glass top anymore? They want us to keep buying the whole percolator ;-? I'm so frustrated at this point and instant is not my cup of coffee. Please save yourself the frustration and in the meantime, I'm going to likely throw the junky percolator out, shame if you had to as well. I'm sure you would think of me and kick yourself ;-?

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