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Toastmaster TCMT8D

I received my Toastmaster TCMT8D as a Christmas gift three years ago. Fortunately I rarely make or drink coffee because this is one of the worst coffee makers with which I have ever dealt! Instead of a heating element to keep the coffee warm, it uses an insulated carafe. Although the carafe does an okay job of keeping it warm, it is a PAIN to deal with.

To get the lid off you have to press a button above the handle and twist the lid. The button doesn’t work very well, and the lid is difficult to replace. This same button is used to pour the coffee. It just barely comes out, so pouring your cup of coffee takes forever! Also it is very hard to get that last cup of coffee out.

The carafe does keep the coffee warm, but to use it effectively you either have to 1) make a full pot of coffee, or 2) put some very hot water in the carafe to warm it up. If you try to make a half pot or less it cools down the coffee leaving it luke warm in a few minutes.

Filling the coffee pot is a pain. The carafe has a rubberized coating which tends to grab the water (and the coffee if you remove the lid); you try to pour a pot-full into the maker, and it dribbles all over your counter. Those mornings I am tired enough to need coffee; I am nowhere near coordinated to keep the water from spilling. Also since it is not glass, you cannot see how much is in the pot.

The Toastmaster TCMT8D does make a decent cup of coffee. It is a good temperature (not too hot, not too cold assuming you make a full pot), and takes an average amount of time to make. It is sometimes, (rarely) convenient for me to take the carafe somewhere else, and know the coffee will still be warm. I guess there is a minimal amount of energy saved because there is no element to keep it warm, and it probably is very slightly safer for the same reason. The carafe will keep the coffee warm longer than an hour, which is an advantage over models that shut off quickly. Overall though, none of these advantages come close to outweighing the pain and sorrow making a cup and pouring a cup using the Toastmaster TCMT8D.

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