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Toastmaster Coffee Grinder # 1119

The Toastmaster 1119 Coffee Grinder is simple to use, stylish in design, and sturdy in construction. The unit stands eight inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter. The clear plastic cap must be placed on the unit to operate, because the power button is built into the cap. The safety design feature is that without the clear cover, the motor cannot be engaged, and after releasing the button, the motor stops.

The safety switch is designed in such a way that it cannot be easily circumvented. The grinding chamber has a capacity of approximately 11.5 cubic inches (about 188 cubic centimeters). The two stainless steel blades at the base of the chamber are spaced above the bottom enough for easy cleaning. The unit hasn't clogged or failed after two years usage.

After filling the chamber with coffee beans, the lid is place over the chamber and the button on the lid is held down to engage the grinder's motor. The motor bearings are intact after two years of usage. Simply turn the unit over and remove the lid with the ground coffee inside it for easy transfer to a filter or coffee machine. The unit's simple design, and lack of product labeling and wordage, and its simple colors (black or white) make it a non-obtrusive addition to any kitchen decor.

The cord, which is only 2'3" long (about 68 cm) can be stored in the unit's base. The cord could be longer, and some ground coffee buildup around the switch mechanism requires regular washing, but overall, this is a sturdy, simply designed coffee grinder that holds up over time.

- Simple to use
- Sturdy in construction

- Short Cord
- Requires regular washing of the switch mechanism

4 out of 5

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