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Techni Vorm Clubline MoccaMaster KBT 741

by Cindy
(Bensalem, PA)

We have had this coffeemaker for about three years. We bought it from a coffee specialty website after becoming fed up with coffee makers which were available at local retailers. My husband and I are not coffee snobs, but we do insist upon a GOOD cup of coffee!

Techni Vorm is made in Holland, and carries the seal of approval by the European Coffee Brewing Centre in Oslo.

Most coffee makers deliver 1000-1200 watts, which simply does not get the water hot enough to brew coffee properly. This is where the Techni Vorm really performs, delivering 1475 watts of water-heating energy.

It is just a basic coffe maker- no grinder, no timer, but it makes a great cup of coffee and suits our needs pefectly. The drip basket features three flow settings- full (for normal brewing); half (if you'd like to let the coffee steep in the grounds a little longer); and none (for pouring a cup in mid-cycle).

Another unusual feature is a two-way switch for the heat on the plate. It can be set for "normal" heat, which is what we use, or "very hot."

A light next to the plate heat control switch indicates when it is time to de-scale the machine, which I do with white vinegar.

The design is different than American coffee makers, too. A granite-grey, textured metal post holds the clear, calibrated water reservoir. A shiny chrome arm extends from the top of the reservoir and over the basket, which is not enclosed in anything. The basket sits on a brown plastic ring, under which sits the pot, which is not calibrated. The pot lid has a long, funnel-shape which extends almost to the bottom of the coffee pot. I've no idea what it's intended purpose is, but it does keep the coffee from splashing the sides as it drips into the pot.

I recall this coffee maker costing around $240-$275, but we considered it a worthwhile investment. At the rate we brew coffee, we were going through a coffee maker every ten to twelve months. At three years old, and still going strong, we are as happy with it now as the day we got it!

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