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Takeya 11100 Iced Tea Maker

Avocado/Olive 66-ounce with Silicone Handle and AcraGlass Pitcher Stain and Odor Proof Material

Avocado/Olive 66-ounce with Silicone Handle and AcraGlass Pitcher Stain and Odor Proof Material

Among a number of iced tea makers available in the market today, there would be nothing closer to the Takeya 66-ounce 11100 Iced Tea Maker when it comes to a perfect combination of form and function. The materials used to make this iced tea maker and pitcher exhibit high quality, a testimony that the manufacturer really used the most advanced technology to produce the product. The iced tea maker is no slouch in the quality of iced tea department as well, so what more can one ask?

Interior Features
  • An ingenious feature of this iced tea maker is the rotating infuser. This ensures the user of uniformity of the tea's flavor throughout the pitcher. It can handle both tea bags and loose tea leaves. Moreover, the infuser is also removable from the pitcher, making it easier to clean.

    Exterior Features

  • This iced tea maker is packed with unique and beneficial features, The pitcher is made of AcraGlass, which is as clear as glass and does not have odors and stains that stick to it as with plastic, the usual material in most iced tea makers. This material is also more durable than glass as it is less prone to shattering.
  • The handle is made of silicone, which offers a soft grip that won't slip. As for the lid, it is airtight, which keeps freshness of the iced tea inside and keeps away outside odors from affecting the liquid inside. That would also mean that leaks won't be a problem.
  • The clear color of the pitcher and the avocado green color of the lid provide a fresh look to the iced tea maker. The design of the pitcher is tall and slim, very elegant and eye-catching, a startling contrast to the chunky iced tea makers in the market.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 12 inches
    Width: 6 inches
    Depth: 4 inches
    Capacity of pitcher: 66 ounces or 1.95 liters


    Iced tea making from natural ingredients has been made easier with this iced tea maker. This is a piece of no-frills kitchen equipment that does not require a learning curve or skills to use. The features make sure that iced tea is served fresh and mess-free. No spills, leaks, pesky tea specks, and funky odors for this iced tea maker. The design of the iced tea maker makes it one of the best in the market, with its sleekness and the lid and handle's cool color. The capacity of the pitcher makes it ideal for person use, something right for at most 4 people to have 2 cups of iced tea each.


    Large groups may find the iced tea produced by this iced tea maker a bit lacking. Cleaning the pitcher may prove to be a challenge as it is long and narrow, so the bottom may be difficult to reach unless one has a bottle brush to reach the pitcher's lower portion.


  • easy to use
  • no need for electricity
  • elegant design
  • uniform tea taste
  • guaranteed fresh tea
  • made of advanced materials


  • a bit difficult to clean
  • may not be enough for large groups

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