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Sunbeam Oster HDX23 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Sunbeam's HDX23-33 Heritage Series 12-cup programmable coffee maker may not have all the high-end features found in other coffee brewing machines but it has the basics that you need. You can get hot and flavorful coffee any time you want with its preset options.

The extra features make this coffee maker a good choice for coffee lovers at home and in the office. No need to splurge on commercial coffee taste when you can enjoy your own hot brews according to your preferred taste.

Key features

- This programmable coffee maker can make up to 12 cups of coffee in one brewing,
- The Pause 'n Serve feature lets you steal a hot cup while the machine is in the middle of brewing a pot.
- The removable filter basket is easy to fill and clean.
- The 2-hour auto shut off feature lets you save on energy by turning off the machine when not in use.
- The soft touch decanter handle makes it easy to pour and serve coffee.
- It makes use of a stylish glass decanter that holds hot brews safely.
- Cord storage makes moving the device and keeping it easy.
- The Simple Set programmable clock/timer tells you when the delay brew is up.
- The removable water reservoir is easy to clean and fill.
- The coffee maker uses a permanent filter.


This coffee maker doesn't look exactly like other programmable coffee makers by Sunbeam. The metallic accents made all the difference. The durable glass decanter fits well with the stylish design and unique shape. It looks really nice on any counter. The compact, functional design is commendable. Colored in black, it's hard to spot coffee stains.

The soft touch handle also makes pouring and handling the entire pot more convenient. The programmable clock/timer is another nifty feature to signal users when the delay brew is set.

It is also easy to fill and clean the water reservoir and filter basket, which can easily be lifted. Coffee tastes good and the machine is easy to operate.


Overall, the coffee maker works well. However, some users claim that it takes time to brew. Good thing, it has the Pause 'n Serve feature so you can get a hot cup in the middle of brewing.

It also lacks other features such as the audible signals and water filtration adaptable feature. Some also say that the water fill is not that convenient.

There are occasional coffee drips when using the Pause 'n Serve feature.

- easy to operate
- cleaning is almost hassle-free
- has very nice design
- compact and stylish
- has durable glass decanter
- uses permanent filter
- serves delicious coffee
- pours nicely
- has removable water reservoir
- has programmable clock/timer

- water fill not that convenient
- occasional coffee drips
- lacks other nifty features (water filtration, etc.)
- may take time to brew
- a bit expensive than other coffee maker models

Comments for Sunbeam Oster HDX23 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Sep 30, 2011
Stay away from Sunbeam!
by: Anonymous

I have owened this coffee pot for 2 years and three months (approximately). It quit working this morning. I have owned three Sunbeam coffee makers in the last 10 years at a price of approximately 40 to 60 dollars per machine). I beleive that I can fix it, but guess what...Sunbeam made the bottom so that you have to have a special hex driver skinny enough to slide into their column to unscrew the hex screw! The bottom has 4 philips screws and 2 hex screws. What nerve! Talk about being screwed! As another reviewer said - screwed by Sunbeam again.
We paid 55 bucks for this thing! It should last more than 2 years!

Oh, I know - maybe the reason that this is called the heritage series is because Sunbeam is training consumers to start the "heritage" to fork over 50 to 60 bucks every couple of years!? What's next? The Legacy series? (fork over 100 bucks every couple of years for our new, improved coffee maker)?

I am going to family dollar and buying the cheapest cofee maker I can. I may also scour some thrift store looking for the very old Mr. Coffee that my parents owned for thirty years. I should have kept that thing instead of donating it.

Stay away from Sunbeam. All they do is 'beam' 50 or so bucks out of your pocket every couple of years!

Wish me luck!

Apr 10, 2011
Excellent water fill option
by: Gail

I forgot to add I like the water fill option, rather than having to pour your water in, the water reservoir is removable and you simply take it over to the tap to fill, no clumsy trying to fit your coffee carafe filled with water under the cupboard to fill the reservoir. This is another of the main reasons I like this pot, hot nice and hot it makes and keeps the coffee was just an unexpected added bonus. Could not find any other coffee machine with the removable water fill like this one.

Absolutely the best coffee machine innate ever owned!!!!!

Apr 10, 2011
Hottest coffee ever
by: Gail

This is absolutely the Best coffee pot I have ever owned with regard to how hot the coffee is and how hot it keeps it. Any friends that have come over for coffee ran right out to buy this exact brand due to how nice and hot the coffee is. Most pots I have owned in the past the coffee was only semi hot-Luke warm. It's been 4 years and still amazingly hot coffee. The only problem is the handle on the carafe comes loose, you can tighten but not well, makes pouring that hot coffee a little scary, so am now looking for a new replacement carafe.

Feb 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

this machine looks exactly like my mister coffee. walmart has the decanters. I think they were around 8 to 12 dollars

Aug 07, 2010
Just made it beyond warranty
by: Anonymous

Nice features, but the heating element died after just over a year of use and outside the warranty. I haven't been able to find a replacement part, so I'll try it as a paperweight. Not a great testament to Sunbeam products.

Jul 08, 2010
I found replacement coffee pot easily
by: Patrick in RI

I went to the Sunbeam website, http://www.sunbeam.com/ServiceLocator
and selected from the locations pull down and I called
Fix Master Incorporated
190 North Street
Salem, Massachusetts
Phone: 978-745-0004
Fax: 978-745-0004
The man who answered has 6 replacement pots for $15 each + $7 shipping

Apr 14, 2010
good coffee, bulky machine
by: Mike Stack

This coffee maker has a unique and very impressive design. It has a black chrome finish and lighted clock and timer. It is quite a large machine with a tall profile. You will need to allocate enough space when placing it on your counter. Another negative aspect of this machine is the reservoir you fill with water.

You will need to rotate the machine and slide it forward in order to fill the machine without splashing. You must also be careful not to overfill the machine. It does have an overflow mechanism located at the rear of the machine. If you overfill you will notice water all over your counter.

The Sunbeam Oster HDX23 makes excellent coffee. It has many great features. Its twelve cup capacity makes it perfect for a family of coffee drinkers or for use at a party. The container lends itself to good handling and dispensing of the coffee.

It also comes with a programmable dial for brew strength that is quite innovative.
One more unique feature of this machine is the clock that indicates how old the coffee is. No more guessing whether the coffee is old and stale or still fresh.

It comes with a warming plate that offers an adjustable temperature to suit your individual tastes. The lighted clock serves as both a clock and a kitchen night light.

This machine also has an audible on and off signal that serves as a reminder if you have become involved in other activities. The filter on this machine is larger than those of most comparable machines. The bulky nature of this machine is the primary reason for the downgrade.

Feb 07, 2010
Sunbeam Heritage Series HDX23 / HDX25
by: Leon

I was able to order a replacement carafe from Sears at SearsPartsDirect.com.

It took forever to get as it was on back order for a couple of months.

The carafe was listed as part number HDD13. The cost was listed as $23.49 and shipping cost me another $8.99.

I love the coffee maker and its features, but finding a replacement glass carafe is extremely problematic (not to mention pricey if you do manage to find one.

Dec 30, 2009
hdx 25
by: michael

I can't find the replacement carrafe/decanter either. I have ordered it through Gourmet Depot but it never came, they never answered the phone and never returned emails. The Sunbeam customer service people were very nice but of no value. I am probably going to give up on finding a carrafe. I have been making cowboy coffee for months and it's just not worth it....what a world, what a world!

Dec 08, 2009
Replacement Decanter
by: Alicia Su

I have been looking for this on for 6mos if anyone knows were to find this decanter model HDX25 part # HDD13 Please e-mail me at Angeltalk1762@ail .com Thank You

Aug 29, 2009
by: Joanne

I've called the 1800 number on the box and that got me nothing but the royal runaround.They had me call other numbers and this led to more BS---.
Loved the machine but very disapointed with customer service. If you are able to get the replacement decanter,please post it on this page.

Jul 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Where can you get the replacement decanter. I called Sunbeam and they said "We're all out of stock - call back in 2 weeks - not before". I love the coffee maker, love the 2 hour limit shut-off and the programmable start and the ease of which you can set or reset the time for starting!! It is a wonderful maker, you can take the water tank off and fill it or just pour in. Both the basket for grounds and the tank have separate lids that have wonderful hinges and the size overall is perfect. But if I don't get a new decanter soon I'm going to be ticked!! The decanter has the thinnest glass you've ever seen - the thickness of fine french champagne glasses. Ridiculously thin~!~! It ought to be the thickness of a beaker at least.

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