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Sunbeam Mr. Coffee TM3 Iced Tea Maker

 White Iced Tea Makers 3 quarts Loose and Bagged Tea Brewer Fast Brew Cycle

White Iced Tea Makers 3 quarts Loose and Bagged Tea Brewer Fast Brew Cycle

Iced tea is one refreshing and natural drink perfect to quench the thirst of anyone. What's great about the Sunbeam Mr. Coffee TM3 Iced Tea Maker is that you can moderate how strong your iced tea would be depending on what kind of loose tea leaves or tea bag you will use. With a capacity of producing 3 quarts of iced tea, the refreshment definitely does not stop. With parts that are easy to clean, you'll need less time to be hassled with cleaning and more time to be refreshed and enjoy lots of iced tea.

Interior Features
  • With the pitcher having a 3 quarts capacity, there would be no need to make one batch of iced tea after another. All it takes is one bath and 3 quarts of iced tea is yours.
  • The steeping basket where you can place either bags of tea or loose tea leaves is removable. Thus, it can be cleaned in a flash without the hassle.

    Exterior Features

  • The light indicator informs the user if the gadget is still brewing or if it is done already. Quite convenient for the user as there's no need to peek inside the machine of what's happening.
  • The steeping dial allows for the user to moderate how strong or mild the tea is by just manipulating the dial. Turning the gadget on and off is also easy with the push button.
  • The see-through material of the pitcher makes it easy to see the unit really producing delicious iced tea. Classic white is the look of the iced tea maker, with either blue or red matching accents for the buttons of the machine and the lid of the pitcher.
  • The handle of the pitcher is very easy to use, making pouring iced tea easy, without the spills!

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 10.5 x 8 x 15 inches
    Weight: four pounds
    Capacity of pitcher: 3 quarts


    Refreshing and delicious iced tea, and yes, even coffee, is guaranteed everytime with the use of this gadget. It won't take a rocket scientist to use the iced tea maker. All the controls and buttons that need to be used can be controlled easily. The pitcher is huge! With a 3 quart capacity, the iced tea produced should last you quite a while! The gadget is easy to maintain and clean as well. There's no need to use special equipment to reach nooks and crannies of the implements in it that have to be cleaned. Everything is detachable, so they can be cleaned without hassle. Making iced tea from scratch using the TM3 will take 10 minutes at most. Why wait for a whole day with drying tea leaves and other inconveniences when all it takes is 10 minutes?


    A number of reports say that the pitcher is prone to cracking after seven to eight months of use. The costs of electricity and the unit itself may be enough reasons for most people not to buy the product despite its promised advantages.

  • easy to use
  • large pitcher capacity
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • convenient gadget

  • use can be limited for some
  • pitcher is not known to be durable

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