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Sunbeam model 6391

by A Clarke
(Ontario, Canada)

The Sunbeam coffee maker is an excellent, inexpensive choice. My basic 10cup model is going on its 5 year now and still makes a pot of hot coffee the way it did on its first use.

There are several features I like about the Sunbeam. The heat plate works very well.

The pot of coffee always stays piping hot even after an hour. This eliminates the need to waste a half a pot of coffee if you're a slow coffee consumer like me. I do not like to heat my coffee up in the microwave and I do not like it once it has cooled down too much!

This coffee maker is easy to use. There are no special options to select, no special ways to make the coffee... it is just as basic and simple as they come (which equates to being very easy to use)!

There are a few reasons why I dislike this coffee maker enough that I would not buy it again if I had prior knowledge. This coffee maker has a very thin container that holds the water which makes it impossible to get your hand in there to clean. There is often scuzzy water residue left in the coffee maker and removing it is not going to be able to happen. Coffee grounds often make their way in the back water container which adds to the problem.

The basket has many small plastic indentations in it which collect coffee grounds that have over flown and also the slimy stain left behind after making a pot of coffee. It doesn't seem to rinse out well even if being cleaned after each use!
This coffee maker also lacks an auto-turn off feature.

There have been several times I have left the house absent-mindedly leaving the coffee maker on and come home to a smelly burnt pot of coffee! I do not know if many other coffee makers have a feature like this but I feel I would shop around for a "safe" coffee maker for my next one!

Overall, this Sunbeam coffee maker is an excellent choice if you are after simplicity and a decently priced machine!

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