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Sunbeam Intuitive Digital EM8910

by Terry Sturgess
(Port Lincoln SA 5606)

I brought this machine in 2007, I know it is now 2010 butI have had nothing but trouble with this machine I paid close to $900 for a machine that spend more time getting sent away and getting repaired then it spent in my house being used. This machine has travelled more than I have and I am 52. When anything goes wrong with the machine I have to package and send to Adelaide or the other side of Australia(If anyone knows where Port Lincoln is you know how far away that is, aleast 700kms to Adelaide)Half the time I am too afraid to use the bloody thing in case it breaks down.

I have been to consumer affairs(thats a laugh) and dont believe what they say about replacement machines, apparently the thing would have to blow your house up first and then they would blame your house wiring. Now after all the trouble the brewing unit wont go back in the machine.

The machine tells me what to do from cleaning to descaling(Boy would I like to tell it what to do) The heating has been fixed twice the brewing unit has been fixed(I now have 2, what good that does because you cant get the bloody thing in the machine) All I wanted was a good cup of coffee after my husband left me and my mother dying and all I got was more grieve.

I will never buy another coffee machine and I would never recommend Sunbeam coffee machine to anyone it is just not worth it. I could go on and on and on but I am just sick of it. I bet you dont put this on your page for other consumers to read

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