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Sunbeam 6961-33 12 Cup Coffee Maker

When looking for a stylish and feature-filled coffee maker, you might want to take a look at the 6961-33 12-cup coffee maker from Sunbeam. This machine offers a variety of features that will make your coffee brewing experience easy, fast, and hassle-free. For great-tasting coffee, this machine is water filtration adaptable and uses an efficient brewing and heating system.

Key features

- Perfect for large families or groups, this machine can brew up to 12 cups of coffee per batch.
- The Pause 'n Serve function allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing.
- The machine is water filtration adaptable, letting you enjoy better tasting coffee in every brew.
- The filter basket is removable and can be easily lifted out from the brew basket for hassle-free cleaning and filling.
- Because of its dual water windows, you can easily see the amount of water in the reservoir for easier filling.
- A compartment for cord storage is also included, making it easy for you to keep your kitchen countertop spic and span.
- A two-hour shut off feature automatically turns off the machine after two hours.
- The on and off indicator light allows you to determine if the coffee maker is turned off or on.
- This Sunbeam model has a reusable filter so there's no need for you to buy paper coffee maker filters.


Because this coffee maker is water filtration adaptable, great-tasting coffee is just a few brewing minutes away. The filtration system can let you remove up to 97% of chlorine content from the water. This machine also has the capacity to brew 12 cups of coffee in a batch, making it the perfect kitchen appliance for families or groups with plenty of coffee-drinking members.

If you want a coffee maker that can help you save money, this is the model for you since it includes a reusable filter. This means you won't have to purchase a stock of paper filters. Plus, the reusable filter can be easily removed from the brew basket for easy cleaning.

This coffee maker is also perfect for you if you have the tendency of forgetting to turn the machine off. This is because it features a two-hour shut off function. The removable parts are very easy to clean, and because of the model's black color, coffee stains from spills are not that noticeable.

Coffee drinkers who are always on the go will definitely appreciate the machine's programmable timer, allowing users to set the coffee maker to start brewing on a given time.


One disadvantage of this model is its coffee pot made of glass. Some consumers have wished that the glass pot is insulated because the coffee tends to get cold quickly. And because this model is only available in limited colors, this may not be the perfect coffee maker for those who want more variety.

- Has a reusable and easy to clean filter
- Comes with cord storage
- Includes a two-hour automatic shut off feature
- Machine is water filtration adaptable
- Has dual water windows
- Easy to use and clean
- Each batch can brew up to 12 cups of coffee

- Glass coffee pot is not insulated
- Coffee tends to get cold quickly right after brewing
- Available only in limited colors

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Jun 13, 2015
couvercle de lacafetière NEW
by: j-G Alarie

Est-il possible d'enlever le couvercle de la cafetière?
l'espace en hauteur de l'armoire du bas et l'armoire du haut ne permet pas d'ouvrir complètement le couvercle de la cafetière. Mes armoires sont dans les normes.

Je n'ai pas vu d'instructions à ce sujet et je ne veux pas briser ce qui retient le couvercle à la cafetière. C'est difficile de laver lle bol et le couvercle en même temps.

La solution SVP

Est-il possible de l'échanger même si nous l'avons utilisée?

Jean-Guy Alarie Téléphone: 450 663 2312

Oct 27, 2013
Sunbeam coffee maker NEW
by: Steve

I have had this for about 2 years. It will shut off if left unattended after about 2 hours, makes great coffee and is easy to clean.
The carafe is impossible to pour without dripping unless you pour extremely slow. I have tried pouring from all angles but the dripping continues.
Pouring water into the machine is always a mess, pouring coffee into a cup must be done over the sink.
I would not recommend this machine.

Dec 17, 2010
Watts per hour?
by: Alfonso

Please, How many Watts a coffee maker use per hour?


Apr 28, 2010
Sunbeam SUCKS!
by: Anonymous

sunbeam makes it VERY difficult to buy replacement coffee pots

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