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Sunbeam 6960 12 Cup Coffee Maker

The 6960 Sunbeam 12-cup coffee maker makes brewed coffee that can last you the whole day or enough to share with a small group of coffee drinkers in the office or at home. Coffee on the go is ready for you with its features such as the Pause 'n Serve and auto shut off that safely turns off the machine after keeping the coffee warm for a couple of hours.

Key features

- The Pause 'n Serve feature will let you steal a cup of coffee even when the machine is not yet finished with brewing.
- The removable filter basket will make cleaning a breeze.
- After keeping the coffee warm for 2 hours, the machine will switch off on its own, thanks to the 2-hour auto shut off feature.
- Know how much water you need to fill in with dual water windows that let you peek into the water level for accurate reading.
- The on/off indicator light will tell you when the coffee maker is on and when it's no longer working.
- Get rid of messy lines on your countertop with the coffee maker's own cord storage.
- The water filtration adaptable feature will make sure that your coffee will taste good by taking out up to 97% of chlorine in water.


The 6960 Sunbeam 12-cup coffee maker is best for people who get by with multiple cups of coffee everyday. You can make 4 cups of coffee for yourself or make 6, 8, or 10 cups easily. The marked carafe makes it easy to measure the amounts of water you need.

Fortunately, consumers say that the carafe is one durable glass that can last you a long time. All in all, a lot of people claim that this Sunbeam coffee maker model is very easy to use. The lid of the carafe doesn't pop and it stays covered to keep away dirt from blending into coffee.

The Pause 'n Serve feature stops the machine from brewing for a while so you can grab a cup. Just replace the carafe for coffee to continue brewing. You can easily pop the removable filter basket into the dishwasher and let it do the cleaning and thorough rinse.

They say that this machine is capable of serving good-tasting coffee free from lingering chlorine taste, which is removed through its water filtration system. It also comes with a warranty. For broken carafes and other parts, replacements are also available.


This coffee maker doesn't have the advanced cleaning cycle and other features such as the timer and brew delay function that lets you set the brewing hours before you need a fresh pot. The Pause 'n Serve option is a neat feature, however, there are reports of leaks that escape from the drip onto the burner. According to some users, this makes an unpleasant burnt coffee smell.

It is a bit difficult to clean the reservoir as well. Though white is a neutral color, which blends well, it makes coffee stains visible if not cleaned regularly.

- makes good-tasting coffee
- effectively removes chlorine in water
- allows you to sneak a cup with the Pause 'n Serve feature
- durable carafe
- easy to find replacements for carafe and other parts
- carafe stays covered
- easy to operate

- white color makes coffee stains visible
- reservoir a bit hard to clean
- drops of coffee may escape when using the Pause 'n Serve option
- bulky
- lacks other popular features among coffee drinkers

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