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Sunbeam 6171-115

My little Sunbeam coffee maker is an invaluable asset to my kitchen and has never let me down. I hear about coffee makers only lasting a few months to a year, but this one is two years old and still makes coffee every morning like a champ.

Part of why I love it is its simplicity. There is no clock, no timer, no variable heat setting – just an on/off button. I don’t need all those fancy add-ons at all; just operating the one power button is about all I can manage before my first cup of coffee anyway! My Sunbeam brews up to twelve cups of joe in just a few minutes, and it’s easy to know when it’s done because the gurgling of percolating water stops. That signature sound is my favorite wake-up call every morning!

Ours is black, and fits our decor very well. It also doesn’t take up much space, which is good for our small kitchen. The whole unit is shaped to resemble an hourglass, and is remarkably pretty for such an inexpensive coffee maker. The carafe is sturdy and easy to handle, plus the lid is hinged over the pouring spout and again where it attaches to the carafe. This makes pouring and cleaning it very easy. The water reservoir is at the back, but the top lid opens very wide and the unit is very easy to fill. The percolated water is carried from the bottom to the coffee and filter basket through a spout that pivots out of the way when you need to add coffee or clean out the used grounds.

The whole coffee basket comes out when you need to empty the used coffee grounds, so you don’t have to scurry across the room to the garbage with a wet, dripping filter full of used grounds that could spill on the floor any second.

The spout that delivers the brewed coffee to the carafe is spring loaded, which stops it from dripping coffee onto the hotplate when you remove the carafe to pour yourself a cup. We haven’t even had any problems with steam bubbling out upper cabinets, so it must not let out that much steam.

All in all, this little coffee maker is incredibly utilitarian, while attractive sitting on our counter. It’s been incredibly reliable and we love it.

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Feb 20, 2014
parts NEW
by: Anonymous

why can't I find brewer basket for sunbeam model 6171-115

Mar 25, 2011
No problems at all.
by: Ken Kelley

I've used this coffee maker for many years without problems. It's great. .

My neighbor and her mother have tried various other brands and none of them seem to heat the coffee hot enough, especially when reheating a cold pot. Mine heats the coffee just right the first time and also upon reheating.

I'm trying to find this model for them. Not sure who carries it. Does it come in white or off-white?

Dec 29, 2010
Sunbeam coffee maker model 6171-115 Problem
by: Troubled

One detail about this particular coffee maker that should be noted:
This model has one of the worst basket designs in the history of coffee makers. Every single pot made using this model overflows the basket and fills the pot with coffee grounds. Dozens of different brands of filters and coffee ALL result in the basket overflowing.
The ONLY fix for this problem is purchasing a third party screen basket. Unfortunately sunbeam offers no help what-so-ever. Their only offer for help was replacing the coffee maker ONLY if the warranty was still in effect. They refused to admit or accept their basket design was flawed.
After purchasing the screen basket, all was better. This model will last far longer than ANY coffee maker produced by Gevalia, that's for sure.

Mar 12, 2010
cleanup a bit messyt
by: Anonymous

- The Sunbeam automatic drip coffee maker has a large 12 cup capacity carafe. The carafe is clearly marked on the side in increments measuring 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cups. This makes it very easy to measure the amount of water for the coffee you need to make. The carafe size accommodates brewing coffee for a single person or for several people. The carafe is also constructed of a very durable glass. The Sunbeam automatic drip coffee maker comes with the ?sneak a cup? feature. This allows you to get a cup of coffee before the entire pot has been brewed. The lid of the carafe rests gently against a spring operated part of the drip mechanism. When you remove the carafe to sneak a cup, it gently bumps the drip mechanism so it stops the drip process for a few seconds.

The Sunbeam?s ?sneak a cup? feature works for the most part in stopping the flow of coffee, but a few drops do escape and land on the burner or heating element of the unit. This creates an odor of burnt coffee in the room which can be unpleasant. It's internal water dispensing arm is positioned in such a way across the filter cup that if you use an additional paper filter with it, the force of the water often causes the paper filter to collapse resulting in sediment getting into the coffee. It also makes the cleanup of the filter and the filter cup more difficult because of the coffee grounds.

Feb 08, 2009
Difficult to clean
by: Anonymous

The best thing about it is the durability, I've had it for years and it still works fine. The bad part is somewhat difficult to clean the reservoir and its big and bulky. I like that is affordable long lasting easy to use but I wish it were a little easier to clean and maintain.

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