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Sunbeam 6101-33 12 Cup Coffee Maker

For a chic and efficient coffee maker, check out Sunbeam's 6101-33 model. This machine offers plenty of features such as the Pause 'n Serve function, cord storage, and removable filter.

With a stylish white exterior complete with metal accents, this model is the perfect accessory to any modern kitchen. Made by Sunbeam, you are assured that this model uses an efficient heating and brewing system.

Key features

- This model features a white exterior and chic metal accents.
- The machine is water filtration adaptable.
- Getting a cup of coffee even if the brewing process isn't finished yet is possible with the model's Pause 'n Serve function.
- Dual water windows are also included, making it easy for you to see the actual water level in the reservoir.
- Cord storage feature helps you keep your kitchen countertop free from tangled wires.
- The coffee maker has an on and off indicator light to let you know if the machine is on or off.
- The filter basket is removable and easy to clean.
- The machine automatically turns off after two hours through its two-hour automatic shut off feature.


For a modern kitchen, this coffee maker is the perfect addition because of its chic white exterior and stylish metal accents. This model is also feature-packed. You will certainly enjoy the Pause 'n Serve function. This feature allows you to grab a cup of coffee while in the middle of the brewing process.

As a water filtration adaptable machine, getting rid of up to 97% of the water's chlorine content is very easy. And with almost chlorine-free water, great-tasting coffee isn't hard to brew. Another advantage this model offers is its removable filter basket that's also easy to clean and wash. For accurate water filling, the dual water windows allow you to see the actual water level left in the reservoir.

Plus, this model also has a compartment for cord storage, making it the perfect kitchen accessory. An indicator light for the on and off switch is also included, making it easier for you to determine if you've already switched the machine on or off.


Because this coffee maker is only available in white, you really don't have any other options when it comes to color. Unfortunately, white coffee makers make brown stains more noticeable. Plus, this model doesn't include a cup warming plate. And since the glass pot isn't well-insulated, the coffee tends to get cold quickly right after the brewing process.

- Easy to use
- Removable parts are easy to clean and wash
- The two-hour automatic shut off function is easy to understand
- Has Pause 'n Serve function
- Water filtration system is very easy to understand and implement
- Has cord storage
- On and off switch has indicator light
- Filter basket is easy to use and remove

- The coffee tends to get cold quickly right after your brew it
- Only available in white
- Glass pot is not that well-insulated

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May 14, 2013
leaks like a seive
by: Anonymous

I have one that is less than a year old that leahs profusely when in use. This causes problems with the digital electronics - coming on unexpectedly, blinking of display.
I'm going to toss it and look for a new machine.

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