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Sunbeam 3334-33 Programmable 4 Cup Coffee Maker

If you're the only coffee lover at home or half a pot is enough to last you the whole day, then a 4-cup programmable coffee maker by Sunbeam (Model: 3334-33) is all you need. This Sunbeam 4-cup coffee maker model has the basic features and more.

Key features

- With its 4-cup maximum capacity, this programmable coffee maker can be the perfect brewing solution for your limited coffee needs.
- The Pause 'n Serve feature will let you grab a cup in the middle of brewing.
- Just take out the removable filter basket and pop it into the dishwasher to make cleaning oh so easy.
- The 1-hour auto shut off will automatically switch off the machine when not in use.
- Check the water level through its dual water windows for refill.
- The delay brew option lets you schedule when you want the machine to start brewing coffee. Set the time for up to 24 hours in advance.
- Cord storage lets you keep the countertop safe and clean.
- The stain-resistant warming plate not only keeps your coffee warm but makes cleaning easy as well.
- 25 paper filters and coffee scoop are included.


This coffee maker is priced just right, given its programmable features and ability to make good-tasting coffee. It's small and it doesn't occupy too much space. It can be placed almost anywhere, and because of its black color, it easily hides coffee stains and can easily blend well with other kitchen appliances.

For the most part, the Pause 'n Serve feature works pretty well. What consumers love about this feature is that they can easily get a fresh cup even when brewing is not yet done for the whole pot.

It is also easy to preset brew times any time of day, thanks to its delay brew option that you can schedule for up to 24 hours in advance.

According to users, the stain-resistant feature of the warming plate is really handy for keeping the plate clean, non-sticky, and working properly.

Brewing only takes a few minutes and the machine is very easy to use.


What seems to be the common problem with this coffee maker is that some coffee grounds tend to overflow in the filter. A solution for this is to level out coffee instead of piling it into the filter.

There's also the occasional coffee drips that some people worry about. Good thing, the warming plate is stain-resistant. When you steal a cup, using the Pause 'n Serve feature, some drips cannot be avoided at times.

- brews quickly
- priced right
- makes good-tasting coffee
- lets you steal a cup while brewing
- presets for brewing time work well
- has stain-resistant warming plate

- coffee grounds may overflow in the filter
- occasional coffee drips
- leaks when you use the Pause 'n Serve feature
- lacks other neat features (such as timer, cleaning cycle, water filtration, permanent filter, etc.)

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