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Starbucks Italian Roast

This brand of coffee is sweet and roasted. It is darker then most other coffees out there. I like it because it is strong and wakes me up instantly in the morning. The main distinction between this coffee and other types is that this coffee has a mnedium grind while other coffee types out there have a find grind. I suppose this is what makes the potency stronger then the average coffee brands out there. I prefer the whole bean Italian roast from Starbucks rather then other rival coffee competitors because the taste is simply much fresher and seems more natural.

I personally prefer Italian Roast over espresso because it is less bitter and acidic. I prefer to drink with dark chocolate as the combination goes well with each other. I never was really a coffee drinker until I tried the Italian roast, which is much more bold in comparison to other brands of coffee. It is the best coffee I have ever drank and the only kind I can drink without making me feel jittery later on during the day. The smoothness and sweetness already in the coffee itself allows me to drink a cup without any sugar whatsoever.

Although it is a tad bit pricier compared to other brands, I highly recommend it to any coffee enthusiasts. I would normally buy 12 ounce bags for $25 over the internet, since I cannot find it cheaper anywhere else. Most other types of coffee would upset my stomach and cause me to be jittery later on in the day, but I cannot wake up one morning without a cup because it gets me jumpstarted and ready to get a good start for a long day of work. i definitely give it a 5, as it is the best coffee I have drank hands down, especially the Starbucks brand. The delicate, sweet smell, makes me active in the morning without a crash like Redbull would. I love this coffee and I couldn't do without it.

I used to be a tea person but this type of coffee gets me in the mood to be active and unlike other types of coffee out there on the market, it does not give me any anxiety attacks. I highly recommend the Starbucks brand, not because of its popular brand name, but because of the genuine and lovely taste of it every morning when I wake up for work. I give it a two thumbs up, a 5, and definitely recommend it to anyone who has yet to try this particular type.

It's amazing that I became a tea drinker to a coffee drinker because of this type and brand because before, I used to hate coffee until a close friend of mine introduced me to Italian roast. I've never gone back to tea and don't plan on doing so either. I love this stuff!

Rating:5 out of 5

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Aug 25, 2015
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Nov 16, 2010
one of the best tasting coffees out in the market
by: Anonymous

I traditionally have my Starbuck Italian Roast iced with sweeter and a splash of 2% milk. I enjoy this specific coffee because it’s not like some of those other dark and bitter types. The Italian Roast tastes like most other coffee but has that extra kick. It has a taste of being a darker coffee but has a hint of sweetness that seems almost as if the coffee beans were marinated in sweetener.

I started drinking the brewed coffee with Starbuck’s Espresso Roast because it had a slight taste of caramel and I have always loved the flavor of caramel. However, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I tried the now favorite Italian Roast and haven’t turned back since. Having a cup of hot Italian Roast is a great way to start a day, especially a long one. Sipping at the cup and smelling the sweet aroma of the coffee wakens your senses and prepares you for the adventure ahead.

The best way to have this coffee is cold. Once the Italian Roast has cooled, the taste of the coffee gets a little sweeter and is even more enjoyable. Now the rating given was a 4 out of 5 and that was due mostly because of price. The Starbucks branded Italian Roast compared to many other brands in the market is not the most economically priced bag of coffee. Regardless of the $10.95 price per one pound bag, there are still many coffee drinkers that overlook the price and purchase a bag or two because it is one of the best tasting coffees out in the market.

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