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Starbucks House Blend Coffee

I love this Starbuck‘s House Blend coffee. It's a good, basic coffee that does not require much from me to brew a good cup. Since it is a medium roast, it's good first thing in the morning and still tastes good at lunch. It's smooth and goes very well with milk. Because it is affordable, I can purchase it without ruining my grocery budget. Also, it is widely available, so I can find it in any grocery store in the United States,. Since I travel a lot, I find this detail a very welcome one. Also, the coffee is available in smaller sizes, so I do not have to lug around a big bag of it with me when I travel.

The best thing about this coffee is that most people enjoy it. I do not have to worry about serving it to friends or company. Also, the coffee has a broad enough appeal I do not have to worry how it will taste from coffee maker to coffee maker. That is another big plus for me when I am away from home. If Starbucks House Blend has one drawback, it is that it is so ordinary. There are no bells and whistles with this blend. A coffee connoisseur may find it too insipid for his taste.

An espresso lover will feel shortchanged by the lightness of this Blend. Despite those few downsides, I still believe Starbucks hit a home run with this blend. It is delicious. It does not overpower. I find it a comforting way to start my day.

Rating:4 out of 5

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Jul 15, 2015
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Sep 27, 2010
the only one
by: Anonymous

Starbucks Coffee Company is known worldwide for its high-quality products, relaxing atmosphere, and delicious taste. It’s a company that is responsible not only for making great beverages and snacks, but for creating an entire culture around coffee; a unique, pleasant, and enjoyable experience every time you take a sip. While many people stop by their local Starbucks shop on a daily basis to pick up their beverage of choice, there is nothing like bringing the taste of their coffee straight to your own kitchen at home.

It’s a wonderful experience to wake up in the morning, and start a fresh pot of Starbucks Breakfast Blend to begin the day. It fills the air with the most splendid aroma, wakes you right up, and it tastes every bit as good as buying it on the go. Part of what sets Starbucks’ coffee apart from other brand name (or even off-brand) coffees is the richness of flavor that it always provides. Every time that you step into a Starbucks coffee, even if it’s right before closing time, the coffee will always taste fresh, never watered-down, weak, or lukewarm. Additionally, Starbucks is both ecologically and ethically conscious, by making sure that the environment is respected and the farmers supported, and portions of the earnings made by Starbucks are donated to charity.

The major downfall to buying Starbucks coffee instead of another brand is the price: Starbucks is known for being more expensive. However, buying cheaper coffee can come as a gamble; you’re paying less, but you won’t necessarily get the best. Overall, in terms of good flavor, quality products, excellent service, and an ethical philosophy, Starbucks is the coffee brand that I would most recommend,

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