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Starbucks brand - Komodo Dragon blend

I started drinking coffee as a necessity - a way to stay awake in the face of a crushing workload and ungodly hours. I never much cared what the coffee tasted like, and drowned it in cream and sugar. Over time, I came to appreciate the complexity of coffee and the interesting flavors it offered, but never could get over the bitterness - until I was introduced to Komodo Dragon by Starbucks.

Their packaging describes the coffee as "spicy, herbal and earthy" and for once I agree with the marketing. What the packaging doesn't mention, is how smooth the coffee is while retaining its potency. It's so strong that one to two cups is all I need to conquer my morning drowse, and there is so little bitterness, that I can drink it black (although it's not my preference). This is the first coffee blend to which I can make this claim.

Coffee with cream and sugar is a great treat, but I had to face the fact that 2 cups of joe in the morning was running 200-300 calories into my body. With Komodo Dragon, I can drop in 1 packet of sugar (15 calories) and still enjoy my morning brew without a single grimace. If you're like me and can't abide the bitter taste of coffee, and you wish you could make cream and sugar optional instead of mandatory, give Komodo Dragon a try. On a scale of one to five, I give this coffee blend a five. Great stuff!

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Oct 02, 2015
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