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Starbucks Barista Blade Grinder

I am very happy with my Starbucks Barista Blade Grinder. It is inexpensive (retailing at about $25) and very easy to use. The well for the whole beans is almost big enough to accommodate for enough beans to make one full pot of coffee, but I like mine strong so I think I use a bit more than most people. I bought my grinder three years ago and it still works like it did the day I bought it. The one main gripe I have is that anyone using this grinder needs to be able to "eyeball" the correct grind for what they are brewing; if you want a French press grind, you need to know what that looks like.

There are only two speeds or settings to this grinder: ON and OFF. That being said, I like that I can pull it out, plug it in, and have freshly ground coffee in seconds. I wish it were easier to clean, though. The blade does not come out of the grinder so you have to stick your fingers in all the small parts surrounding this double blade. With its slim design, it fits almost anywhere in the kitchen. Some people think it is too loud when it grinds coffee beans, but I like that part of it, and no one in my household minds being woken up knowing fresh coffee is on the way. I will keep my grinder as long as it works; a lot of the big fancy ones seem cheaply made, and mine is mostly metal and very solid.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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