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Stansport Aluminum (279) 20-cup Percolator Coffee Pot

Easy to Heat Up, Easy Pour Spout

Easy to Heat Up, Easy Pour Spout

The Stansport Aluminum (279) is a percolator with a very large brewing capacity. It can actually make 20 cups of coffee in one brewing. Aside from this, it also has a very clean and simple design.

Interior Features
  • The percolator heats up quickly. This requires a very short time to prepare brewed coffee. The percolator is designed for easy cleaning. With this unit you can easily wash and maintain it.
  • The coffee percolator has a large capacity and can make up to 20 cups. This makes it an ideal percolator for those who want to go on a camping in large groups. With this percolator, everyone can have a cup of coffee in just a single brew.

    Exterior Features

  • The percolator is safe to use. This means that you won't really have a problem pouring the content of the percolator into different cups. This is because it has safety features that could prevent your fingers from getting burned.
  • The percolator is made of durable, rust-proof, and high-gloss aluminum. It doesn't easily chip and won't give you any weird chemical aftertaste because it does not develop rust that could render a different taste to your brew.
  • Another great thing about this percolator is its easy pour spot. This one helps you pour the content of the percolator the easy and efficient way.

    Dimension Specifications

    Measurement: 7 x 7 x 10.8 inches.
    Total volume or number of cups: 20 cups


    Because it is durable, you can save money with this percolator in the long run. This unit will eliminate your need to buy another new item every now and then. The coffee you are brewing won't have a weird chemical taste because this percolator is rust-proof. The large capacity of this percolator makes it a practical choice. It can actually make 20 cups of coffee. With this percolator, you can make coffee for every member of your household with just a single brew.

    With this percolator, you don't have to wait for a very long time for your coffee to finish brewing. The percolator heats up immediately. Another great thing about this percolator is the price, which is very cheap. You can actually have it for the very low price of less than $20. This is cheaper compared to other units. The percolator is also safe to use. You can ensure that your fingers won't get burned if you serve coffee through this percolator because it has some safety features, from the knob to the handle.


    The unit is actually available in other design and color, such as black granite. However, it is still unavailable. Aside from the design, the unit is also available in other sizes. But some of these sizes are not available in stores as well.


  • aluminum construction
  • 20-cup capacity
  • easy to wash
  • not very expensive
  • heats up immediately
  • allows easy serving of coffee
  • no weird chemical taste


  • some options are not available
  • not widely available
  • unattractive design

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