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Solis Masteer 5000 digital Espresso Maker

This machine is the best machine ever for making espresso. I bought it because I opened up a business and the one we had worked so slow, and was breaking down. When I got this one it was like a match made in heaven. It most of helped our business by 200 percent. Now we are running faster than ever and we don’t have to worry about telling people or our customers to please wait for a second. It was highly reliable. Washing it was out of this world.

I thought ok since everything else is perfect it must wash stupidly, but actually it washes very very well. Like it has parts where you can take it off so that you can wash the edges, I just couldn’t believe it. I bought this in 2007 and I have had it for 2 years and it is still running just find. I liked this machine because of it features like, it has a easy to read lcd digital display, it has pre brewing functions and energy saving mode, it has no mess or fuss, and you can select the volume of your coffee.

This machine is better than most definitely the Gaggia classic, because the Gaggia classic doesn’t take off parts or even wash well, it is highly slow and I can’t believe I bought that, ridiculous. I definitely recommend it to any one wetter you’re at home and just want a cup of espresso or you are running a full day business. No matter what this machine works for anything I would just buy a million of them if I could.

Like I said it is not cheap, but if you save up just a tad you will have it in no time. Guarantee you it can bring your whole family together no matter what. I would so recommend you or anyone to buy one.

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