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Severin KA4772

by Robert
(Hanau, Germany)

We purchased our Severin KA4772 coffee maker four months ago at the Karstadt department store in downtown Hanau. It was on sale, and the price was very reasonable.

This coffee maker makes a good cup of joe. It makes up to ten cups. It is just a very basic coffee maker -- it does not have many of the functions that appear standard with many of today's machines (e.g., integrated coffee bean grinder). It simply does the job of making coffee and, as I mentioned, the coffee tastes good. The machine has a standard glass canister. It does not have any thermos function. We found that it only came in white; according to the sales person at Karstadt this is the only color available for this model.

One very positive aspect about this coffee maker is that is brews the coffee very quickly. Now this is the first coffee maker that we have purchased in several years, and the technology in coffee makers may very well have changed in the past years as far as speed goes. If so, I have not noticed it, and the newer models of my friends do not appear to be especially fast. But the Severin KA4772 is extremely fast! This is a particularly attractive feature if you overslept and just want to grab a fast coffee before you dart out of the house!

There is, however, one significant downside to this coffee maker. It is something which we cannot fathom. Despite its being a basic model coffee maker, the makers of this machine have included an irritating canister. We virtually always spill coffee when pouring from it unless we pour very, very slowly.

To sum up: this is a basic, no-frills coffee machine which makes a good cup of coffee. It brews the coffee very quickly in my opinion, but, unfortunately, the canister is such that we always spill coffee when pouring.

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