Senseo Supreme HD7832
Coffee Maker Review

The Senseo Supreme HD 7832 is a gourmet coffee maker that serves single servings for people who don’t need to brew and entire pot of coffee.

There are many features of this coffee maker. People who have purchased this coffee maker have been very pleased with this model and others have been dissatisfied.

Senseo Supreme Coffee Maker Pros

There is an LCD display on the Senseo Supreme coffeemaker that allows consumers to program the machine with ease.

It is setup so you can easily brew a cup of coffee by touching the screen.

There is a reservoir that can hold up to 32 ounces of water. This means the pot can brew small cups of coffee, travel mugs, and extra large servings of coffee too.

There are indicator lights on the machine that tell you how much water you have left in the reservoir and when you are running out of water.

The parts in this system are dishwasher safe, which makes it easy for cleaning purposes.


The convenience of being able to brew just one cup of coffee is exactly what some people are looking for because they don’t like the idea of wasting a full pot of coffee every time they just want one cup.

This is also extremely convenient because your travel mug will fit right under the spout.

Many people enjoy the two year warranty. This gives them a warm fuzzy feeling that their coffeemaker is good enough that it won’t break and if it does then they will get a brand new replacement.

Many people love a two year warranty because if they are heavy coffee drinkers then they don’t expect their machine to last a full two years.


There were 60 review of the Senseo Supreme single serve coffee maker.

Of the 60 reviews, 30 of them were five stars and loved the machine, 13 reviews gave four stars, and only 10 people gave reviews of one or two stars because they had problems with the unit.

These are fantastic numbers for people who loved the unit and would buy another one.

Many reviewers are on their second or third unit because they are so happy with it.

They have mentioned that there are many improvements since the first model was made.

Many consumers not only have a unit for themselves but they also have purchased units for their friends and family because they want them to be as happy as they are with their morning coffee experience.


The Senseo is compact and it takes up less counter space. Many people like this option because they already don’t have much room on their counters.

This coffee maker also doesn’t contain a heating element on it like normal coffee makers do.

This makes this model perfect for dorm students and retirement homes that don’t allow coffeemakers with heating elements that can be dangerous.

The large water tank is nice and people love the LED lights that tell them when they need to add more water.

It also tells people when the coffeemaker needs to be cleaned. This is a favorite feature.

Consumers have mentioned that taking the unit apart for cleaning is really easy and the fact that it fits in the dishwasher makes life even easier.


Satisfied customers have also stated that they can brew small espresso cups with this machine including cups of espresso. This is a very nice feature because you can control the size of the cup of coffee you want to brew based on ounces.

You can also have control over the strength of the cup of coffee. Users are also pleased with the ‘hot’ temperature of coffee the machine produces.

Senseo Supreme Coffee Maker Cons

The biggest complaint with the Senseo coffeemaker is that the spout adjusts down and not up. Many people who purchase single serve coffeemakers do so because they want to fill their travel mug on their way out the door to work in the morning.

A tall travel mug doesn’t fit under the spout of this coffeemaker. This means you will have to put an extra large cup under the machine, brew it, then transfer into your travel mug. However, this means you will be getting an extra cup dirty in the process. That is the biggest complaint of this coffeemaker.

The Senseo Supreme coffee maker is the perfect solution when you are not a heavy coffee drinker and you don’t need a full pot of coffee. Most consumers are extremely happy with this unit.

The only complaint is that it doesn’t fit a travel mug for you to take a cup of coffee with you to work.

Senseo Supreme Summary


  • It comes with dishwasher safe parts.

  • You can easily make a strong or mild cup of coffee of your choice.

  • It is very fast and easy to use.

  • It has a sleek modern design.

  • Comes with an adjustable spout.

  • The pressure system heats up the water up to 205 degree Fahrenheit.

  • The machine is capable of brewing at 1.2 bars.

  • The coffee is produced in only 45 seconds.

  • It comes with two years warranty.


  • The adjustable spout is capable of adjusting only in the lower direction. If you want to fit in travel mugs or taller coffee cups then you will face problem.

  • You might find that the tank does not feel as snug as it should.

  • It does not offer much improvement from its predecessor HD7810, so if you already own it, then buying the new HD7832 won’t be any good.

  • The model is made of plastic and coated in silver all over except the cup tray.

  • It is overly priced for those who are mild coffee lovers.

In short, this coffe maker is a great machine that will help you in getting the cup of coffee you love so much. You can now get your favorite coffee in no time.

Additional advantage is the bigger water tank, which makes sure that you do not have to refill the tank again and again.

If you have been looking for a coffee maker that is designed in such a way that it will last you for the next few years, then this coffee maker with its modern, sleek and up-to-date design is the one made for you.

This coffee maker is capable of fulfilling your needs without putting much of a dent on your pocketbook.

Senseo Supreme Specs


single serve
interactive LCD dispay
Coffee size selecter (from 3oz to 10oz)
Movable spout allows the use of different size mugs
32oz water reservoir
water reservoir dishwasher safe
can brew coffee / cappucinno and tea
includes coffee pods
water level indicator
height - 13 1/2 inches
width - 12 inches

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