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Senseo SR 21

by Antonio

I received The Beautiful Senseo SR 21 coffee maker as a Christmas gift from a friend who is equally as passionate about coffee as I am.The Senseo SR 21 is perfect for on the go people.The coffee maker, brews your coffee in less then 3 minutes and is also on a timer. The timer has a number of settings from setting the time of the day to start the brewing cycle to how dark the coffee should be(according to your specifications).

This coffee maker also comes with a new unique feature,it now comes with an interlocking lid for a tight seal. The inside of the coffee maker has a thermal layer on the inside for extended periods of time when not on. To keep the coffee fresh and hot on the inside. I am a huge coffee addict and when it comes to coffee I always trust my Senseo SR1 model for all my coffee needs.The best way to start your morning is with coffee either if you like it light or not. There is a small knob on the side to accommodate your needs. Its a perfect gift in any stocking stuffer. I was greatly impressed by the Senseo SR 21 model, mostly because of how quick and easy it was to make the coffee.

It is truly a remarkable product I would refer it to anyone. This coffee maker made me go through so many good mornings. After all coffee is supposed to wake you up and that's what this coffee maker did for me. I also must have added that with this coffee maker they also package in the box a self brewing cup of coffee which is phenomenal when your late for work at the office you can just grab your cup and it brews instantaneously.

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