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Senseo single serve machine

by Isaac
(Manchester, UK)

This is a review of our Senseo single serve machine. We simply love this product! This single serve coffee machine is perfect for households where only one person is a coffee drinker.

Instead of brewing an entire pot, you can simply place one pod into the Senseo coffee maker and brew just one cup of coffee. Want your coffee mug filled? Brew two to fill your travel mug.

We have found that brewing a one cup on one pod is sufficient, though the directions state differently. Another thing we really like about the Senseo coffee maker is that it is easy to shop for merchandise for it.

By merchandise I mean pods, water tanks, or extra things like the My Pod where you can use the coffee maker to brew your own exotic coffee beans for a gourmet cup of coffee. Amazon carries many varieties of pods, as well as accessories for the Senseo.

My husband loves the Senseo so much, we have two - one for home and one for work. It is extremely easy to use and I rate this coffee maker with 9 stars.

I'd rate it a 10, but the pods can be expensive (though they do make a superb cup of coffee).

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