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Senseo HD7832 Supreme Single-Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker

The Supreme Single-Serve gourmet coffeemaker from Senseo boasts a variety of nifty features designed to let consumers personalize their at-home coffee brewing experience. With the interactive LCD screen, consumers can easily choose their preferred coffee size.

Unlike the previous model, the Senseo Supreme single serve gourmet can brew up to a total of ten ounces. Other improvements also include a change in the design -- a brand-new chrome silver-colored exterior. This coffee maker from Senseo also uses a mild pressure system that heats water up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Through this unique water-heating system, the water is pumped through the machine and is distributed evenly over the premeasured pods. This produces great-tasting gourmet coffee at home.

Key features

- This coffee maker uses an integrated and unique brewing system.
- Users can easily use the machine because of its LCD screen display.
- The Supreme model features an adjustable spout, which users can easily lower or raise to handle different sizes of cups and mugs.
- The water reservoir is 33% larger compared to previous models.
- This machine produces gourmet coffee with just a push of a button.
- All the machine's removable parts can be easily washed and cleaned.
- Consumers will appreciate the model's new design and specs. Measurements are 13-1/2 by 12 by 8-1/2 inches.
- The product includes two pod holders; a deeper filter for two pods that are meant for two cups and a shallow pod holder meant for one cup of coffee.
- This machine comes with a limited two-year warranty.


This model is actually a multi-beverage system that can brew coffee, tea, and cappuccino. Users can also choose from a variety of volume selections: 3-ounce, 4-ounce, 5-ounce, 6-ounce, 8-ounce, and 10-ounce coffee mugs.

To accurately determine the amount of water needed, this machine has an LCD screen that highlights the actual water level. Families or groups who prefer different sizes of cups and pods can take advantage of the coffee maker's adjustable spout.

For those who love espresso, this product also comes with an espresso pod holder. With this high quality machine, your favorite gourmet cup of coffee is just one button touch away.


Although the spout is adjustable, some consumers have encountered limited movement for the spout. For those who prefer simpler models, this may seem like an expensive purchase. Other drawbacks include not having a timer and a built-in grinder.

This model also doesn't have a pause-and-serve function, which could have been useful especially to those who like to have a quick cup of coffee before the brewing process is finished.

- Easy to use
- Has an LCD screen display
- Allows users to customize their cups of coffee for that unique taste
- Has an adjustable spout
- Produces high quality gourmet coffee every time
- Includes a two-year warranty
- Uses a unique brewing and water heating system

- No timer
- No built-in grinder
- No pause-and-serve function
- Doesn't have a cup warming plate

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Dec 27, 2011
Senseo HD7832
by: MB

My son bought this for me for Christmas and I really like it. It quickly brews a delicious cup of coffee and is easy to use. I like the fact that my coffee isn't being brewed through a plastic (carcinogenic) cup, and the pods don't take up much space. I highly recommend this product!

Apr 13, 2010
love it!!!
by: Megan

I really love my coffee maker. It is not like your usual kind either. It is that hip and tech-savvy kind of coffee maker. I love it so much! It has an LED display in my favorite color, blue! And it looks so pretty on my kitchen counter too.

It stands out but in a way where when I have guests in my home I always get compliments on it or I am always asked "Where in the world did you buy that coffee maker, Megan?" My husband loves it too!

This may sound terrible, but I have to say that the coffee maker gets more attention than I do, ha!

Like I said before, I love everything about it but a few things do stand out to me that I am really appreciative and grateful for. The first one, well it has a little water-level indicator that lights up for me when I have poured enough water into it. That means I do not have to put my reading glasses on just to see if I have put enough water in it! What a blessing!

The second thing that is really nice and convenient is that it has an adjustable spout that can be used for different sized coffee cups and mugs! That really works out nicely since my cupboard is just filled with different sized coffee cups and mugs!

The last thing that is just incredibly convenient just like the adjustable spout is that my coffee maker is dishwasher safe. That means no scrubbing it by hand! I can just stick it in the dishwasher with my other dishes and it comes out clean just like everything else does! I love it!
And did I mention that it takes LESS than a minute to brew my coffee?

There are SO many more things that I could rave about, but I think it is better if you try it and see for yourself!

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