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The Senseo Deluxe has been one of their most successful coffee makers. It is a registered trademark of Philips and Douwe Egberts.

Coffee lovers have been buying Senseo products not only for the superior coffee making ability but also due to the sleek and modern design of these coffee makers.

The Philips Senseo HD7820 is a coffee pod style coffee maker. These coffee makers differ from the traditional coffee makers we all know as they do not brew a whole pot of coffee but single cups on demand.

The Philips Senseo HD7820 has been available for some time and there are numerous reviews of this particular model available online (both favorable and not).

This article will summarise the pros and cons listed in the reviews of this product by people who have purchased this coffee maker to help you save time searching for these reviews while still allowing you to make an informed decision on whether this is the coffee maker for you.

Senseo Deluxe Key Features

The Philips Senseo HD7820 is also known as the Senseo Deluxe. Senseo coffee makers are available in several models the Senseo HD7820 being the top of the range, in which the manufacturers addressed the issues raised by purchasers of the previous models and corrected these issues.

The main difference that consumers comment on with the HD7820 over the previous models is the new adjustable spout that allows you to use large mugs with this coffee machine.

This is one definite advantage of this machine over both the other Senseo models and also other coffee pod coffee makers as this is the only machine this reviewer has seen that has an adjustable spout.

The Senseo HD7820 also has a larger water reservoir than the other Senseo models which was the other problem identified by people who had purchased Senseo coffee machines previously.

The larger water reservoir means that you can make more cups of coffee between refills of the machine; this is a great feature for people who entertain or those who are looking for a machine for the office where several people may want a cup at the same time coffee breaks or lunch time for example.

Senseo Deluxe Advantages

The main advantage of the Senseo 7820 is the brewing system – this machine uses coffee pods to brew an individual cup of coffee.

Coffee pods can be described as being similar to a tea bag where the coffee grinds are held in the pod and then once the cup is brewed the pod is simply thrown away with the user never needing to deal with messy coffee grinds!

Coffee pods also offer the great advantage that you can brew different beverages one after the other without any taste or flavour remaining to contaminate the second cup.

Many people comment on the convenience of the coffee pods especially when there are lovers of different style coffees in the house or office.

Coffee Pods for the Senseo HD7820 are made by Douwe Egberts (a well respected coffee maker) and are available in over 12 different coffee blends – traditional blends and specialist Barista Blends.

The Senseo Coffee Pod makers not only brew coffee but there are tea pods available that make a perfect cup of hot tea and also make excellent iced teas!

Senseo Deluxe Cons

The coffee pods are the one area that negative reviews of this machine appear. Some people do not like the taste of the coffee and others do not think it is strong enough while still others think the coffee is too strong.

These comments all seem to be a matter of personal preference and many people have commented that after a little experimentation they have found a Senseo Pod and cup size to their liking.

However the majority of reviews of the Senseo HD7820 all comment on the fact that you can use other manufacturer’s pods in this machine so if you find a pod that you like that is not made specifically for the Senseo machine you can still use it.

Some reviews do comment on the fact that coffee pods are more expensive than traditional ground coffee on a per cup basis although when you consider that you do not brew pots full of coffee that go to waste coffee pods are considered economical by most reviewers.

Final Thought

All of the reviews are positive and comment on the speed of brewing coffee, it takes under a minute to brew a single cup of coffee, and any other cups you wish to brew will all brew in under a minute as well.

In summary all of the reviews of the Senseo HD7820 are generally glowing, this machine will provide you with an individual cup of very good coffee extremely quickly and with no mess.

The only negative reviews were really personal taste issues with the individual coffee pods strength and flavour but with a little experimentation on cup size and the variety of the pod these issues can be overcome.

Senseo Deluxe HD7820 Pros:

  • This machine comes with a 1450-watt boiler.

  • It allows you to make one 4oz cup in 30 seconds or two 4oz cups in 60 seconds. It also allows you make one cup of 8oz in 60 seconds.

  • The machine uses pre-measured coffee pods.

  • It is hassle free.

  • You can clean it easily.

  • You can get your favorite flavored freshly brewed cup of coffee in no time.

  • It comes with two pod holders. The shallow holder allows you to hold one cup while the deeper filler allows you to hold two cups or one 8oz mug.

  • You only need to simply push the on/off button to start the automatic brewing process.

  • The water reservoir is capable of holding 32oz of water which gives you the freedom of making five 4oz cups.

  • It comes with an adjustable spout which you can use to raise or lower for different cup sizes.

Senseo Deluxe HD7820 Cons:

  • You will not be able to satisfy yourself with a large steaming cup of coffee.

  • It is very important to put the pod in the machine before brewing, otherwise you will not get a good cup of coffee.

  • You might not find the taste of the coffee up to your expectation.

  • Make sure that all lids are locked before using, otherwise it will start leaking all over.

  • You must have complete knowledge of how to use this coffee maker, otherwise you will find it hard to operate this machine.

  • It is a bit overpriced.



single serve
brews coffee / cappuccino or tea
movable spout
32oz water reservoir
removable reservoir
dishwasher safe
length - 13.5 inches
width - 12 inches
depth - 8.5 inches

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