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The Senseo coffee makers have become one of the best selling coffee brewing systems available, and for good reason. Senseo brings together the expertise of one of the world’s expert coffee roasters and Philips Electronics, a renowned manufacturer of electronic products. The result has been a line of Senseo coffee makers to meet the demands of today’s coffee drinkers.

The Senseo machines are designed to use a single-serve pod brewing system. The pods, or pads as they are called in some cases, are pre-measured packets of coffee or tea ideally packaged to provide a perfect cup of gourmet coffee every time.

At the touch of a button, the Senseo machine heats the water and dispenses the beverage using this unique and hassle-free, pod brewing system which results in a consistently delicious and flavorful cup of coffee topped with a frothy layer. This is an ideal system for any coffee lover.

The pods are available in a number of different roasts, flavors and varieties so that it is easy to offer anyone their ideal choice of beverage. These pods are also available from a variety of different manufacturer’s and can be used in the Senseo coffee makers which allows additional flexibility and choices for a great cup of coffee or tea.

Single Serve

 HD7810 HD7810 star ratings
• Type: single serve, 5 cup, pods
• Style: black or blue, plastic
• Function: removable water reservoir, brew lid shuts easily,
• Feature: auto off, power light indicator

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 HD7814 HD7814 star ratings
• Type: single serve, filter coffee maker
• Style: raven black, plastic
• Function: detachable water reservoir, brewing system
• Features: coffee foam layer

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 HD7832 HD7832 star ratings
• Type: single serve, coffeemaker
• Style: chrome silver, plastic
• Function: volume select, adjustable pout, timer, auto shut off, water level indicator, LCD display, coffee volume selection,
• Features: coffee foam layer, powerful boiler, multi beverage system

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Senseo Coffee Makers Overview

Senseo coffee makers are the culmination of a partnership between electronics giant Philips and Dowe Egberts the specialist coffee roasters.

Both of these companies originated in Holland and have gone on to become household names recognized as leaders in their individual fields world wide.

The Senseo Coffee Machine Design

The Senseo machine is a sleek modern design that honestly does not look like the traditional coffee machines we all have in our kitchens.

cartoon washing machine
Keurig B60 Gourmet Single-Cup Brewer
To give you some idea of the visual difference between the Senso coffee maker and traditional coffee makers is that the Senso machine reminds me more of a storage canister than it does a coffee machine.

The machines have an upright cylindrical or canister shaped body that is curved towards the user that houses the water reservoir and the spray head and coffee pod compartments with a circular pad attached at the front of the machine which holds your cup and has the buttons that operate the machine located in the front edge.

The machines operate by using mild water pressure through their specially designed spray heads to produce a perfect cup of coffee by passing the water through the specially designed coffee pods.

The use of the pods eliminates the need for coffee filters and messy coffee grounds, once your coffee is made you simply remove and throw away the entire coffee pod. No more messy grinds!

The coffee pods specially designed to be used with the Senso range of coffee machines by Dowe Egberts.

They come in many different blends and flavors from the standard mild, medium, dark roasts through to French vanilla, Cappuccino, Killarney Irish creamery, and Vienna Hazelnut roast as well as Sumatra, Kenya, Brazil and Columbia Blends.

The range also includes specialty barista blends and the newly introduced espresso pods.

This page is designed to give you an overview of what Senseo has to offer. For more detailed reviews and specs you can click the corresponding link to each model.

Alternatively if you scroll down to the bottom of the page we have a full index of Senseo related reviews and resources.

Senseo Coffee Machine Models

There are three different series Senso coffee machines come in.

Their coffee machines are all single serve but come in varying degrees of features.

They are the original Senso Coffee Machine, the Senso Deluxe Coffee Machines and the Senso Supreme coffee machines. Original being the cheapest and Supreme the most expensive.

Senso - Single Serve Coffee Maker

Key Features

If you just want to brew one cup of coffee at a time then this model is for you - HD7810. You can even get an extra pod which allows you to brew two cups of coffe simultaneously - well two is company right!

Preparation for the coffee is super quick taking only 30 seconds!

They are available in a range of colors including red, white and black. The machine will brew a cup of coffee in under a minute by the simple touch of a button.

The coffee machine and coffee pods are a perfectly balanced system that delivers a balance of coffee and water designed to ensure the best cup of coffee every time.

The Senso coffee machine is easy to keep clean as all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe. Another great feature of this machine (if you are anything like me) is the fact that it has an auto shut off function that turns the machine off after an hour of inactivity.

Pros and Cons

Customer reviews state the major benefit of the Senso Coffee Machine is the speed of making a cup of coffee (independently reported by many users as being under two minutes from deciding you would like a cup to actually having it ready to drink!)

The lack of mess is also a terrific feature, grounds are a thing of the past with the pods and machine is very easy to clean, all removable parts are dishwasher safe and it even has a flush cycle to clean the internal mechanism.

The only negative comments I could find from customers who have purchased the Senso coffee machine were mainly aimed at the taste of the pods – but this is a purely personal opinion that varies between individuals, and you can use other brands of coffee pods in the Senso machines if you find one more to your liking.

One customer also reported that the machine was noisy but several other customer reviews noted that the machine was quiet or not overly loud. So again this appears to be a matter of personal perception.

The final complaint made was that you cannot fit large cups under the spout of the machine. Over all the Senso Coffee Machine is highly rated by those people that have purchased one.

The Senso Deluxe

Full Review: Senseo Deluxe

Key Features

This single serve coffee gourmet maker (model number HD7820/65) has all of the great features of Senso Coffee Machine with the added features of an adjustable spout so that you can use larger cups and mugs with this model of the coffee maker.

This addresses one of the customer grievances listed above), this machine is also capable of brewing cappuccino and tea as well as coffee, and the final new feature is a larger water reservoir that is 33% larger than the water reservoir that comes standard with the Senso Coffee Machine. This coffee maker is black in color.

Pros and Cons

The customer reviews of this machine noted the added benefit of the adjustable spout allowing you to use bigger cups and mugs. The added tea function was also seen as a great boon by many customers.

One customer emphasized the point that the coffee pod system is fantastic because of the ability to brew various varieties of coffee without having to brew separate pots for every guest or family member – you can switch between coffee, decaf, tea or any of the other varieties of pods instantly.

The reviewers all reemphasized the good points noted in reviews of the Senso Coffee machine, so I can only conclude this model is a good choice for anyone who likes the features of the original machine with the improvements of the new added functionality.

Again the negative reviews were mainly aimed at the pods and the taste of the coffee. Some consumers also did not like the froth or crème that forms on the top of your coffee which is also a matter of personal taste and cannot truly be called a “con” of the machine.

Senso Supreme Coffee Maker

Full Review: Senseo Supreme

Key Features

The Senso Supreme Single Serve Gourmet Coffee Maker (model number HD7832/55) features a sleek modern stainless steel finish, it has all of the functionality and features of the Senso Deluxe machine and the added features of an Interactive LCD display that displays the water level and a feature that allows the user to select the volume of coffee they want to make 3, 4,5,6,8 and 10oz cups and mugs.

Pros and Cons

The reviews of this model of Senso Coffee maker run along the same lines as those above the machine does exactly what it says it will and the new functions are very useful.

The ability to choose the coffee volume seems to give the consumer the ability to custom make a cup of coffee to their liking as the negative reviews of the taste of the coffee pods were conspicuous in their absence.

In this machine, Senso seem to have silenced all the critics!

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