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SENSEO Coffee Machine - HD7810

by melissa adams

The Senseo 7810, with it's slick,and stylish base, is simply the easiest coffee maker I've had. The water heats up in less than a minute and is ready to go.

Drop a Senseo pod in the top,lock the lid hit the button and you're on your way. You can make up to 2 cups at a time.

Either in one cup or two separate due to the duo spouts. The coffee comes out with a nice froth on top.

This machine is not only good for coffee as I also set a tea bag in there, works the same.

Clean up is just as easy. Lift the lid rinse the strainer, quick wipe down and you're done.

I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't need a whole pot of coffee, and wants their cup in a quarter of the time.

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Jan 22, 2012
Love Senseo but break down fast
by: Anonymous

I love my Senseo. My son got me my first one about six years ago. It worked great and lasted a couple of years. When it stopped working, I ordered a new one. This time I read the paperwork and saw that I was supposed to be cleaning the lime/scale out of it every few months. I did this; however, this one only lasted about a year. I waited and then since I really missed it I ordered another one. This one didn't last as long as the last one. I am now using another one I haven't even had a year and it has stopped working too. I have cleaned this one religiously. The top stuck down and I can't open it. It just hums when I turn it on. I tried the Keurig thinking they might last longer but didn't like the coffee and took it back. I'm considering buying another Senseo but don't want it to only last a little while again. What can I do or what did I do wrong?

Jul 15, 2010
by: Becky

I've had my Senseo for a long time and when I noticed that Target had them on sale I bought a second one so I wouldn't have to worry about how to get this perfect coffee if it ever died. My son started drinking coffee because he liked mine so much so I bought one for him too.
Recently I stayed in a motel that had the competing brand of single serve machine and I am very glad that I selected the right coffee maker when I picked the Senseo. The coffee wasn't nearly as good and the machine wasn't as user friendly. No froth? No creaminess? What are they thinking?
Thanks for my great coffee! I can drink however much I want whenever I want and it's always perfect.

Jun 08, 2010
love this machine
by: Lisa Randall

After trying multiple drip coffee makers, from Mr. Coffee to Black and Decker, I began using French press coffee makers. I preferred the taste of the French press coffee and espresso makers, but found them to be inconvenient and messy. The coffee bean grinds were difficult to wash out of the strainer.

After seeing a friend’s Senseo coffee maker, I was skeptical that it would work properly, and that the coffee pads would be a fad and that I’d be left with a coffee maker and no coffee. I finally caved in, and have never regretted it. The sleek design looks great in my kitchen, and takes up surprisingly little room given its size. The coffee and espresso pods come in a variety of flavors. At first, I found the regular pods to be too mild, and not rich enough in flavor. Darker roasts quickly became available, as well as other flavors such as French vanilla and hazelnut. The Senseo coffee / espresso maker is incredibly easy to clean.

There are two different types of trays: one for single ‘shots’, and another for double ‘shots’. The water reservoir is clear and easy to use, and stays clean. The trays and the part where the coffee flows through disassembles easily, and washes great in the dishwasher. I had been worried I wouldn’t be happy with the flavor, and the flavor of the coffee and espresso is certainly different than from a drip maker or French press, but it’s unique and I actually love it. There’s a creaminess to the flavor that is definitely lacking in other makers.

Another concern I had originally had about the Senseo machine is that it would bother me that it only made one cup at a time, and the split double ‘shot’ option really only makes one cup too, but it’s actually not a problem. The machine reheats quickly, so when I have guests over, there’s no problem with making two to three cups consecutively.

All in all, it’s probably still even quicker than a drip maker. Overall, I love my Senseo maker.

May 07, 2010
Great if you like bitter coffee tasting of plastic
by: Malibanne

I've had this machine for two months and tried very hard to like it. Bought about 20 different types of pods to try, including the Senseo ones. First, yes there's a lovely foamy "crema" on the coffee, but who cares when the coffee ends up tasting of chemicals? It was worse when I first got it, but even now, compared with a regularly brewed cup (French press or the Nestle cube coffee maker, or the Cuisinart (Keurig-made) K-cup coffee maker, the coffee is flat, unidimensional, and sort of draws your mouth, like an unripe persimmon. While that effect is very slight, it makes the effect of drinking a cup of coffee from this machine seem a little scary. You wonder what's in the water or the coffee that it seems so unnatural to your palate, as opposed to the nice round flavors you can get elsewhere. Yes, it is convenient, fast, easy to clean, takes up little space, and on and on. But I do not know who is writing these marvelous reviews of this machine, because I have tried everything to produce a decent cup of coffee. Nothing works. I'm angry at myself for believing the reviews -- maybe the company had its own employees write in. I feel so "had." I just got a Cuisinart K-cup coffee maker and it worked perfectly on the second cup! (I misgauged how much milk to put into the cup on the first one, and also the size of the cup to use. It lets me use any size of cup and brew at any temperature. AND -- guess what? There is a little crema on the coffee, too!!!! Not as thick or foamy as with Senseo, but it's still quite nice.

Jan 25, 2010
would buy another one
by: Anonymous

I own several coffee makers, but the only one that gets used each and everyday in my house is the Senseo HD7810/75. I bought it from Amazon about two years ago, and it consistently produces the best cup of coffee of any of my coffee makers. Just like an espresso machine, the cream is retained, and your coffee will have a nice frothy top as it comes out of the Senseo.

Before bed each night I fill the water reservoir and put in a couple of pods. In the morning, all I have to do is turn it on, and once it’s heated up in about thirty seconds, it quickly dispenses hot coffee. It’s just as good as my local coffee shop, and one-fourth the price. Mix-ins such as cinnamon, milk, cream, or sweetener can also be added to the cup before brewing.

This particular Senseo model comes with two pod holders. The first pod holder holds one pod, and will make a 4 ounce cup of coffee. The other one holds two pods and is ideal for making an 8 ounce cup of coffee.

Alternatively, if you are partial to your brand of coffee, you can even buy refillable pods that work perfectly.

If your office drinks a lot of coffee, you can even buy an Extra-Large Water Tank that will dispense ten four ounce cups rather than five. This coffee maker also comes with a starter supply of pods and a nice refillable pod container. I use filtered water in my coffee maker as well, to keep it clear of mineral deposits and to improve the flavor.

The contoured shape of the coffee maker is also far more attractive than a standard coffee maker. If my Senseo coffee maker was ever to break, I would buy another one in a heartbeat. The coffee makers also comes with a two year limited warranty.

Jan 25, 2010
would like to take it everywhere with me
by: Anonymous

- Easy and fast way to prepare yourself a tasty espresso
- Clean and neat machine, never spoils a drop of coffee around the surface

- Very small water tank, need to buy a bigger one separately
- Only for use at home, should be great to have a special adapter to connect it in your own car

Very handy espresso maker, I should like to carry it with me everywhere, wouldn't mind to take it with me in my car, even when traveling abroad, its when I missed it the most. Once traveled to Spain and put it in my suitcase, but no problem its a very well known label in Europe, only to find out the electricity is different in many countries and the adapters too. But I'm happy I got one at home.

Aug 12, 2009
Affordable single serve
by: Seajay

-no messy grounds to clean up
-super quick

-no self-starting alarm
-can't control frothiness level

The Philips Senseo HD 7810 is by far my favorite pod/single portion coffee maker. It's super-reliable and sturdy, plus very quick to brew 2 cups of coffee in less than a minute. The pods themselves are very affordable and sold at most markets, and come in at least seven different flavors that I can think of off the top of my head.

As I'm a bachelor, I never have to brew more than a few cups of coffee at a time, and so this Senseo is ideal for that. This machine was gifted to me, and I haven't stopped using it since. I love that I can easily control how strong I want my cup of joe by limiting the number of pods (1 or 2 per cup) and the amount of 'cups' I choose to brew with said pods. One thing I wish it had is a control of the frothy level, but that it doesn't.

This Senseo also doesn't feature an alarm to facilitate that top of the morning aroma as I awake - not a dealbreaker though. On the safe side however, the machine turns itself off after an hour of no use. Very handy.

Cleaning this thing is a breeze, as its comprised of a few small detachable parts which are dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. On top of that, this thing is pretty quite when working its magic.

Bottomline: if you're in the market for a single serve gourmet coffee machine, this is a great starter for you and quite affordable too.

Mar 25, 2009
Pods mean no more stale coffee
by: Tom

I have had the Senseo Coffee Machine for a little over a year and I like it a lot. It is convenient, ridiculously easy to use, and has a consistent taste. The consistent taste is probably the best feature.

So when I first got this, as a gift mind you, I was a little befuddled by how to use it. No coffee filter, no scoops of grinded coffee, no beans, just these little pods. I love my cup of joe in the morning just as much as the next person and a new routine was a risk for me, but I jumped in. Under the cupboard with the tried and true Cuisinart and in with the new Senseo. I first tried the Senseo Brazil blend which is a nice full blend. It is a good start to the morning.

I like my coffee black as night, and the Brazil blend has a great taste to it. The machine gives the coffee a great blend, you don't get that stale taste because of the pods. You are not merely putting a new piece of filter paper into an old basin, you are essentially changing the basin with each pod.

I love that I can make a nice cup of espresso with the same coffee machine as well. There are a great selection of pods, from tea, to espresso. I have tried a few and liked most of the them. I am not a huge tea fan, so I mainly stick to coffee. My only gripes are with the fact that you can only fit a coffee mug under the spout, I can't fit my traveler cup and you can only brew 8oz. at a time.

The Senseo is great for me since I live with myself, but it is not the greatest for entertaining guests. You go through pods and have to sit next to it to brew each cup individually.

I am selfish and I really only make coffee for myself and the occasional guest so I have been happy with my Senseo and I don't intend to replace it any time soon.

Mar 25, 2009
Hot and fresh in less then 2 minutes
by: Cass

I enjoy coffee!I was a bit hesitant to try this machine out because the pods didn't seem economical or the cup big enough.

When I received an invitation to try the system I accepted it. I was surprised at how easy the machine is to use - pop in a pod fill the water canister and bam less then 2 minutes later I have hot fresh coffee!!

Hot and fresh was a big selling point for me - I have 6 kids and trying to wait for my coffee to brew can take way to long when we are ready to get going! And when hubby leaves in the morning and makes a pot of coffee its not always fresh or hot when I get to it!

I enjoy the milder flavors of the pods they have and I love the ease of use - it fits perfect on my counter and I love the hip coffee house look. I received my Senseo from and invite from the company about 3 or 4 months ago - like I said I tried it because it seemed easy and less wasteful for me to brew one or two cups at a time then to waste a half pot of coffee.

It is a bit awkward to wash but it comes apart easy enough to get to all the washable parts. I also like the fact that there are a few places you can get the reusable filter for the machine and use your own brew.

We haven't tried any other brand of coffee pod machine so I cannot compare it to any other of the same kind- I can compare it to the other full pot one we have and I like the fact that no coffee goes to waste with this one.

I don't feel so guilty that i'm getting rid of a half a pot of coffee because its not tasting fresh any longer. You just don't have that problem with this machine.

I would recommend this machine to on the go busy moms for a few reasons - it fast simple and ready to go in less then 2 minutes.

Mar 25, 2009
Quick and fun to use but pods are expensive
by: amanda

I bought my Senseo coffee maker just a few months ago, and I wouldn't say that it makes the worst cup of coffee that I've ever had, but then again it isn't close to the best.

I choose it because I loved the bright blue color it came in ( it comes in several colors and I think stainless steel as well), thinking it would look so good in my kitchen. And it does look good- it's a sleek, modern looking machine.
The biggest drawback to me is the cost of operating it. The pods are expensive and to make a normal size mug of coffee you have to double them up.

This is easy to do, the machine has an option for this. My tallish mug just barely fits under the spout, I have a few bigger cups that just won't fit under the machine.

I have been told there is a fill it yourself pod system you can buy and I think I will check into that, though it does seem to defeat the purpose of the machine!

The pods are limited in the flavors they come in too, lots of different roasts, but if you're a flavored coffee fiend, you will be disappointed. There will be no amaretto coffee for you!

I want to try the espresso pods, haven't yet, because I do like to use this machine when I have friends over- it's quick and fun to use, and it puts a nice little bit of frothiness on each serving.

Basically I like my senseo, but for everyday use, I usually stick with my tried and true french press!

Feb 08, 2009
Great cup every time
by: Anonymous

I love my Philips Senseo coffee maker. The price of the coffee maker was fair, and the single-serving pods make a great, strong cup every time. The only criticism I have of the pods is that they are very expensive. Other than that, the foam, the coffee, and the aroma of the coffee are just to die for.

Jan 06, 2009
Going downhill as it gets older
by: Anastasia

I first got the Senseo® Coffee Machine (Model 7810) about three years ago, during a promotion Senseo was having wherein they sent me (and a lot of other people) a free Senseo machine. Don't let the fact that I got this machine for free make you think I'll automatically gush about it-- because I won't.

When I first started using the Senseo coffee machine, I loved it. It was tremendously easy to use, especially with the Senseo coffee pods (expensive though they are). The Senseo pods come in a lot of interesting and delicious flavors, and it's hard to resist trying them all. The coffee tastes wonderful, and best of all the clean-up is fast and simple. All the most easily-dirtied its come off the main machine, and can be run through a dishwasher if need be, but they are also very easy to clean just with a sponge. This is all still true now, though a few things have gone down-hill.

First of all, for some reason it no longer sucks up all the water from the reservoir. When it was new, it used to empty out the whole thing, but now it always leaves at least an inch behind. Secondly, it leaks out the coffee spout! I've had to put paper towels underneath it to keep the water and coffee residue from staining my counter. Thirdly, it's somehow built up limescale residue on the bits I can't reach to clean or detach to stick in the dishwasher. The whole thing has gotten kind of dismally dirty under the coffee spout.

I'm not sure if the problem with the leaking is because the machine is getting older (and because I've used it at least three times a day, every day, for three years), or because the water has limescaled itself along the cracks. However, I still love the convenience of it, and the coffee still tastes great. Between a choice of having a slightly malfuctioning Senseo coffee machine or not having one at all, and having to go back to regular coffee machines, I'd choose the former!

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