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Safeway Select French Roast Coffee

I prefer to buy it directly from the hopper in the store. I then take it upon myself to grind it in store so I can do the entire 1/2 to 1 pound in one grind session. I have a Krups grinder at home but this only allows you to grind about enough for one pot at a time and is very messy. At the store, you are given an empty paper coffee bag which you open and place under the mouth of the grinder. You then pour the fresh beans into the grinder and set it at the desired amount. I usually like to put the grind on fine rather than automatic drip.

I find that this allows you a very rich coffee that tends to go much further per pound. I've tried several different varieties of Safeway Select coffee including Italian Espresso and Sumatra. I find the former to be delicious and the latter to be a little too earthy tasting for me. The French Roast is really a nice in-between. People tend to think of French Roast coffee as being way too strong but I've never felt that from the Safeway Select brand. The store tends to describe this particular blend as slightly bittersweet but I think

I would say it is more of a rich flavor, especially when I add a liquid creamer -- I prefer Mocha Mix. Another reason to buy the coffee directly at Safeway is that more often than not, they discount it about 25%. I can usually get almost a whole pound of this coffee for around $7. which is much cheaper than Starbucks or other vendors in this area.

Rating:4 out of 5

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Sep 16, 2015
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