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Saeco Vspresso

by Luke

I know most people think you have to spend a large amount of money in order to get a decent Super-Automatic coffee maker, but it really isn't true anymore. Though it has a hefty list price of $1500, the Vspresso can be had for as little as $400-500 on eBay, and a refurbished unit is available on many sites for $700.

The unit itself is very attractively designed with a sleek, black exterior. It has a small footprint for a Super-Auto, but this isn't necessarily a good thing. The water tank is very small, requiring almost daily filling during normal use. This is made worse by the lack of an option to attach it directly to the water line like many nicer coffee makers. This unit does however, include a built in water filter that is said to "last the lifetime of the machine". The overall build quality is solid, but the machine is plastic and will wear as such.

Now what you have really been waiting for, the coffee. It can pretty much due it all, espresso, cappuccino, normal coffee, all with the ability to adjust the strength and even size of each cup. As for the quality, it has 15 bars of pressure, but this thing is AMAZING. The espresso is like liquid velvet and the built-in grinder makes beans very fine. I had been addicted to Star Bucks for a while, until I got this machine. The coffee quality is very good when paired with good beans. My recommendation is to not feed this thing any coffee you can find at Walmart.

My biggest problem with it, besides the tiny water tank, was the maintenance. It seems like every other day I was "Ventilating" or "Cleaning" or "Emptying Dreg Drawer". It was worth it for the coffee, but I felt they could have made it a little more autonomous. The other issue was the screen. The screen is small, hard to read, delicate, and did not match the quality of the machine. The screen broke once while I owned the machine, but luckily it was still under warranty.

In conclusion, if you are looking to get into the world of fine coffee and are willing to overlook the machines flaws, you can't find a better budget option then the Vspresso.

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