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Saeco Nina Cappucino/Espresso Machine Model 408

by Nat
(Santa Clarita, CA USA)

$Saeco Nina Cappuccino
Espresso Machine

You don’t know what your life is missing until your purchase an espresso machine! I purchased one a few months ago and it’s absolutely perfect. It hasn’t broken down, no pieces have needed to be replaced and is running perfectly fine. This espresso machine also has a cappuccino machine which makes it an ever better item for kitchen. I have lots of little tea, coffee and scone parties and this is the topic of conversation at all my get-togethers.

First off I went to Macy’s to purchase one and this one was about $300. I saw others that were so much more expensive. I even saw one for $3.000! I didn’t want to spend that much money and even the $300 was a lot but at the end of the day it was totally worth it. This is the Model 408 of the Saeco Nina Cappucino and Espresso Machine. It looks really sleek in my kitchen and it has a one-year warranty which is excellent. All I have to do is push one button and I have the machine working for me.

The quality of the espresso is definitely worth it, tastes just like at the coffee shop. It holds 2 coffee cups at a time and it makes hot water if you need it for tea. The water tank is also removable. The high pressure forces the aroma and coffee out and makes the espresso thick and golden and very frothy.

It’s very fast and it is the ideal machine for anyone because it is quiet and reliable. You can take it with you to the office for meetings. It has touch pad controls too and it is just perfect for a quick brew on the go. It has pre-packaged doses of coffee so you don’t have to clean afterwards. You can use your own ground coffee too.

Every morning it consistently makes very tasty espressos. It is long lasting because it is made out of stainless steel and durable steel that won’t rust. The Saeco Nina Cappucino/Espresso Machine is wonderful!

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