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Saeco A-SP-SV Spidem Villa Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

by Sheila
(Amity Harbor, NY)


Saeco A-SP-SV Spidem Villa
Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

We received the Saeco A-sp-sv Spidem Villa Super-Automatic Espresso Machine as a wedding gift from my husbands side of the family. My husband and his family are of Italian heritage and take their coffee/espresso very, very seriously. I on the other hand am of Irish heritage and we like to but booze in ours and don’t really care what the coffee tastes like! So, needless to say I was not impressed but I ooood and ahhhd like it was the best thing since sliced bread when I opened it.

I dutifully put it on our kitchen counter and figured that this was going to be a cleaning nightmare, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. My husband loves this expresso machine and his face lights up just looking at it, (yes I am serious). It takes about a minute for my husband to get his espresso fix, which with his caffeine withdrawal symptoms at their peek in the morning is a very good thing. I also have to admit that he has stopped going to expensive coffee shops because he likes the espresso from his Saeco better. He has even decided that he would take the money he saves by not going out for coffee and put it towards a summer vacation! Now I did not think that was a big deal until he informed me that that was about $4 to $12 a day!

I can tell you exactly what he loves about this machine because I have been told on numerous occasions. It is fast, simple to use, and grinds the beans to his liking and produces great coffee and espresso. I can tell you that it is easy to clean up and am looking forward to our summer vacation!

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