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SAECO 21103


Saeco 21103 Royal Professional
Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

I have recently bought a Saeco 21103 espresso and coffee maker. This machine is working well since I bought it and it gives hot, perfect and good flavour espresso coffee every time. Now I have no need to spend money at the coffee shop. I get coffee of my liking at home only. So this espresso maker has become a convenient way for me to enjoy several cups of coffee whenever I want.

It's stainless steel 1.5 litre thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours. It is also very easy to use and easy to clean. The machine is equipped with LCD display for simplified operation. It is provided with several adjustments and everything works only by the push of a button. There are various settings for the grinding and dose of coffee.

The amount of water, temperature, everything is controllable. The speed of the machine is also very fast and saves much time. It can work automatically and has a pre-set function, so it proves very useful for a busy housewife. It can prepare cappuccino also very easily. One doesn’t even need to froth the milk; this wonderful machine does the work of frothing. I am very much addicted to coffee and it makes excellent and tasty coffee in no time. It can make coffee for 25-30 people at a time.

Now I have visitors at my house more often because they want to have a taste of my brewed coffee. This machine is provided with a rinsing cycle and gives hot water every ten minutes. It is a little noisy in operation but it is able to satisfy the customer and so it gives good value for money.

One will not regret buying this machine. It is useful, stylish and affordable. I will recommend this espresso maker to one and all.

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