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PSTX Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker

by Pam

I have always had good luck with my Mr. Coffee coffeemakers, regardless of the style. With a busy household, it is great to have a coffeemaker that can be programmed to start before we get out of bed. However...........I have had the same problems with the cleaning light coming on, and after following manual and running the vinegar through the machine, the light would not go out, and it made a continual beep that would only quit if I stopped the cleaning cycle. I also am experiencing the leaking, and again this morning, a large puddle of water was on the counter and floor (ugh, not something fun to wake up to). The coffeemaker had produced half a pot of hot coffee and dumped the rest of the water on the counter. This leaking has happened approx. 10 times in a year of use. I don't know if Mr.Coffee will give me any type of replacement, but I will contact them anyway and at least register my complaint. Disappointed!!

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