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Proctor Silex - Model # 46801

by Kim

This coffee maker was actually given to me by someone who had it for quite a few years. I recently considered buying a new coffee maker but instead of spending the cash one was given to me. I am not too big on used appliances but when I found out how long this coffee maker had been used I was curious.

Originally this coffee maker only cost about twenty dollars and it is still worth every penny. It brews a whole pot of coffee in under five minutes. It's simple, there is not a lot of pieces to clean or put together and it is very easy to clean. There is just one switch on/off that's all, is about as basic as you can get.

It brews a pot extremely quiet especially considering it has been running for close to ten years now. I use it every morning and it is done in about as much time it takes for me to toast a bagel. I was considering buying a much more expensive coffee maker and I am so glad that I didn't.

This coffee maker works just as well as a more expensive one if not better. The carafe is also just a general sized carafe and easy to replace if necessary. If I had bought a newer coffee maker it would have been much harder to try and place the carafe.

If this pot ever broke I would gladly pay the twenty dollars to replace it, because i know it would be well worth it and it would last.

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Oct 29, 2015
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Aug 09, 2015
Asgher NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jan 07, 2009
by: Tr0dy

On mine the off on switch is not illuminated a serious shortcoming in my estimation. The coffee temp never gets over 150 degrees.

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