Proctor Silex Coffee Maker

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 48574 48574 programmable 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, programmable
• Style: black
• Function: programmable clock, auto shut off, auto pause
• Features: brew strength selector,

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Auto Drip

 48571 48571 auto drip 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, automatic drip
• Style: white
• Function: auto pause and serve, light on switch
• Features: permanent filter, dual water windows, diswasher safe,

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48524 48524 auto drip 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, automatic drip
• Style: black finish
• Function: auto pause and serve,
• Features: built-in water filter, dual water windows

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48521 48521 auto drip – 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, automatic drip
• Style: white, plastic
• Function: pause and serve carafe, lighted on-off switch
• Features: cupcake filter basket, adjustable brewing strength,

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Cheap and Basic

 43571 43571 – 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, programmable
• Style: white, plastic
• Function: pause and serve carafe, water level window, auto shut off
• Features: LCD screen, digital clock timer,

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43531 43531 basic – 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, coffee maker
• Style: white, plastic
• Function: auto pause and serve, lighted switch,
• Features: non stick hot plate, dual water windows,

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43501  43501 12 cup star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, coffee maker
• Style: white, plastic
• Function: auto pause and serve, lighted "on" switch
• Features: reservoir water level marks, safe carafe and basket,

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 44301 44301 brewstation 10 cup star ratings
• Type: 10 cup, brewstation
• Style:
white / black, plastic • Function: on-off power indicator light
• Features: one-hand dispensing, self regulating heater, translucent indicator

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 45802B 45802B – plastic kettle star ratings
• Type: 1 quartz, hot pot
• Style: blue, plastic
• Function: temperature control, easy popper spout, easy-grip handle,
• Features: non-stick heating surface

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Proctor Silex 43501 12 cup coffeemaker 
A coffee maker that is both stylish and efficient, the Proctor Silex 43501 is a simple yet very functional kitchen appliance. Equipped with simple features …

Proctor Silex - Model # 46801 
This coffee maker was actually given to me by someone who had it for quite a few years. I recently considered buying a new coffee maker but instead of …

Proctor-Silex 48574 Automatic Drip Coffee Maker 
This 12-cup coffee maker by Proctor-Silex (MODEL: 48574) gives you one stylish coffee brewing machine that offers delicious coffee. You can enjoy flavorful …

Proctor Silex 48571 12 Cup Coffee Maker 
For a very affordable and easy to use coffee maker, Proctor Silex's 48571 model is worth checking out. This coffee maker offers simple-to-use and understand …

Proctor Silex 44301 10 cup Brew Station 
Proctor Silex 44301 BrewStation 10-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker The Brew Station is my families beloved coffee maker, which was purchased at Wal-Mart …

Proctor Silex 43531 12-Cup Coffeemaker  
For a budget-friendly and no-frills coffee maker, check out the Proctor Silex 43531 unit. This coffee maker is equipped with just the right features and …

Proctor Silex 48524 Automatic 12 Cup Coffee maker 
If you want a coffee maker that doesn't take a lot of kitchen countertop space but is easy on the budget, the Proctor Silex 48524 should included in your …

Proctor Silex 43571 12-cup auto 
Proctor-Silex 43571 Automatic Drip Coffeemaker We've had this coffee maker for quite some time, and it has served us well. We drink a pot of …

Proctor Silex 48521 Automatic 12 Cup Coffee maker 
For a coffee maker that's worth your money and is equipped with the right features, the Proctor Silex 48521 model is the perfect unit for you. This …

Proctor Silex Brew Station Not rated yet
Makes great coffee,easy to use only problem I have is trying to find the replacement water filters.

Proctor Silex Model: 49654 Not rated yet
A great appliance, for 9 months. Waste of money. Have had coffee makers last 5 - 8 years. This one didn't make 12 months. Is anything made in USA anymore? …

proctor-silex model # 46801Fd Not rated yet
Still trying to figure out the right amount of coffee grounds I want for a good cup each day.I make about 6 cups. I put in 3 teaspoons usually.

Proctor Silex 45802b Plastic Electric Kettle Not rated yet
The Proctor Silex 45802B is a multi-functional hot pot that's perfect for hot beverages, hot cereal, and delicious noodles and soups. This hot pot is a …

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Proctor Silex coffee maker Overview

Proctor Silex Coffee Makers aren't a very well known brand but still they have produced some nice coffee makers.

There are thousands of coffee makers available on market. You can easily buy these coffee makers well within your budget but the sad truth is that most of these coffee makers fail to provide their buyers with features they promised at the time of purchase.

There are only few companies that succeed in fulfilling the dreams of their customers of making a cup of coffee just like a professional.

Proctor Silex is one of those names which have been delivering its customers with what they promise.

Here are the types of Proctor Silex coffee makers that will make you a professional coffee maker within your own home.

Proctor Silex Brewstations:

Proctor Silex
Top Picks

proctor silex
Proctor Silex
43501 12 Cup

proctor silex
Proctor Silex 12 Cup Coffeemaker
If you have been thinking of buying a coffee maker that provides you with convenient one hand dispensing then the Brewstations by Proctor Silex is the answer to all your prayers.

These Brewstations are different than traditional coffee makers since these do not have any carafe that might break at any time or spill. You can easily make one cup of coffee using these.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the coffee losing its taste because these Brewstations comes equipped with a gentle heater that automatically regulates the temperature while making sure that the flavor of the coffee is not damaged.

Now you can easily get your favorite cup of coffee any time you want. Two most popular Brewstations by Proctor Silex are the Programmable Brewstation 10 cup Dispensing Coffee maker and Brewstation 10 cup dispensing Coffee maker.

Proctor Silex Programmable Coffee Makers:

Programmable Proctor Silex coffee maker helps you in making 12 cups of coffee the easy way. These products are lab tested to ensure their durability.

If you are one of those people who likes to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee but certainly can not wakeup early enough to make it then the Programmable 12 cup coffeemaker can help you in enjoying the tasty flavor of coffee first thing in the morning.

All you will need to do is program the coffee maker the night before and then go to sleep without any worry.

You will wake up to the wonderful smell of coffee the next morning that has been automatically brewed for you.

Proctor Silex Grinders :

It is very important to have a good quality coffee grinder in order to enjoy the real taste of coffee.

When it’s about making coffee, then everything comes down to the coffee grinder and if you have the Proctor Silex coffee grinders then you do not have anything to worry about.

One coffee grinder by Proctor Silex is the Fresh Grinder which is produced in compact Euro-style. The blades of this Grinder are made from stainless steel to ensure that the customer does not face any problem during the cleaning process.

Due to its style, it is very easy to clean it and due to the retractable cord, it takes even less counter space. This grinder is available to coffee lovers for only $11.99.

Proctor Silex Coffee filters & carafes:

Coffee filters and carafes are an important part of any coffee party. But sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the filter or carafe breaks and it becomes difficult to make the cup of coffee that we love to serve so much.

It is at such moments when we wish we had an extra or replacement coffee filter or carafes. Proctor Silex realized this need of its customers and has provided them with replacement carafes starting at $9.99.

Now, you no longer need to worry about finding yourself in situations where your guests are deprived of the main reason for the party.

All Proctor Silex coffee makers:

Keeping in view the various needs and requirements of its buyers, Proctor Silex has produced a wide range of coffee makers which starts with Brewstations capable of producing 12 cups of fresh coffee and ends with carafes that help you in making pots of coffee for any crowd.

All Proctor Silex products come in various styles and designs so that you can easily select a product that best suits your kitchen setup and its layout besides fulfilling your needs and requirements.

The prices of these coffee makers start from as low as $14.99 and goes up to $39.99.

Although Proctor Silex coffee makers are one of the cheapest on market, special care has been taken during the production process of these products to ensure that the customer gets what they have been promised by the company.

There are numerous colors in which these coffee makers are available. If you are thinking of buying a coffee maker, then coffee makers by Proctor Silex are the right choice.

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