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Proctor Silex 48571 12 Cup Coffee Maker

For a very affordable and easy to use coffee maker, Proctor Silex's 48571 model is worth checking out. This coffee maker offers simple-to-use and understand features and control buttons. Its white exterior serves as a stylish accent to your modern kitchen.

And because its from Proctor Silex, you can expect that this machine uses an efficient heating and coffee brewing system. The automatic drip feature also makes this model worth your money.

Key features

- This unit has a programmable clock, allowing you to preprogram the machine the night before.
- The two-hour automatic shut off feature safely turns off the machine after two hours.
- You can easily personalize each brewing batch through the brew strength selector.
- The coffee maker also includes an auto pause and serve function, allowing you to get a cup of coffee even when in the middle of the brewing process.
- The coffee maker's accessories are dishwasher-safe, making the cleaning process easy and stress-free.
- It has the capacity to brew 12 cups of coffee per batch.
- The model is available in white.


If you're looking for a budget-friendly yet highly functional coffee maker, the Proctor Silex 48571 is the perfect unit for you. This model is also the right one for your needs if you tend to forget to switch off the machine after use. This is because its automatic shut off feature safely turns off the coffee maker after two hours, lessening your worries about leaving the machine switched on for hours. With its brew strength selector, you can easily brew different batches with different tastes and aroma. And if you love pouring a cup of coffee even if the brewing process is not yet finished, the pause and serve feature allows you to do so. Cleaning the machine's different accessories is also hassle-free since they are dishwasher-safe. With a capacity for 12 cups of coffee per batch, coffee drinkers can satisfy their daily craving with this unit. Available in stylish white, you can jazz up your modern kitchen with this appliance.


For those who want a water filtration adaptable unit, this may not be the right choice. And because this unit is available only in white, some consumers may be turned off by the exterior design. White often makes brown coffee stains more noticeable. This can be a nuisance if you don't get to wash or clean your coffee maker immediately after use.

Some consumers have also claimed that this model doesn't look sturdy. And because the reservoir doesn't have enough water level windows, it's easy to overpour water when filling the machine.

- Very affordable
- Stylish design
- Has an auto pause and serve feature
- Includes automatic shut off function
- Can be preprogrammed
- Can brew up to 12 cups of coffee per batch
- Accessories are dishwasher-safe
- Includes a brew strength selector

- Doesn't have clear water level marks on the reservoir
- Is not water filtration adaptable
- Does't look stury
- Looks flimsy
- The white exterior makes brown coffee stains standout more

Comments for Proctor Silex 48571 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Nov 17, 2011
Fire hazard
by: Anonymous

can you leave coffee maker on for a week and there would be no danger?

May 17, 2011
coffee pot sucks
by: Anonymous

brew temp was passable but the coffee pot was unable to dispense said coffee directly into a 2.5 inch circle without spilling and dripping within a 1.5 foot radius. went back to mr coffee

Mar 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Makes good enough coffee. but when filling machine, or pouring coffee it spills water everywhere!
Also is not easy to clean.
Lid on top often pops open and then steams.
Won't buy another one!!!!

Jul 11, 2010
resetting clock
by: Anonymous

how do I reset the clock and automatic brew feature?

Apr 13, 2010
buy this machine!
by: Monica Hincapie

If you are one of those persons who cannot start your day, without a fresh and just brew coffee you are going to love this coffee maker, Proctor Silex 48571 12 Cup Coffee Maker.

The first thing is that is really affordable. So you will not have to waste time and money buying expensive coffee in the usual coffee shops.

I just bought it two weeks ago to replace my old coffee maker, Proctor Silex 43501 that was broken. Has a really neat and elegant design and is lightweight, not like others.

I bought a white one and I am not sure if it comes in Black.
The only thing I did not like, just for the first time I tried to make a cup of coffee, was that is difficult to see the water level. But you get use to it.

Even though is small you can make up to 12 cups of coffee and if you are like me in that sometimes I forgot to turn off the coffee maker, that would be no problem anymore because this coffee maker has auto turn off feature. I am sure you can learn how to use the programmable feature, even if you are not an expert you would be able to setup.

Another important feature is that is really simple to clean, and since you do not have to use coffee filters, you would love it. Remember to keep tour machine clean because if you don’t it will modify the flavor of your coffee, it will make it a little bitter, because it can accumulate bacteria and microorganism in the Brew Basket.

Just try your new proctor 48751 and try to enhance the flavor of your favorite coffee adding cinnamon or flavored sweeteners to taste a different coffee every time.

I hope you enjoy your new coffee maker.

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