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Proctor Silex 45802b Plastic Electric Kettle

The Proctor Silex 45802B is a multi-functional hot pot that's perfect for hot beverages, hot cereal, and delicious noodles and soups. This hot pot is a popular kitchen appliance for the busy homemaker who needs to warm soups and noodle dishes, prepare a bowl of hot cereal, or boil water for a cup of instant coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage.

With its capacity to boil water quickly, this all-around kitchen appliance is the perfect accessory for your modern kitchen. Available in a stylish design and color, the Proctor Silex 45802B hot pot should be included in your shopping list.

Key features

- This versatile kitchen appliance is easy and fast to use.
- To make the cleaning process easy and hassle-free, this hotpot features a non-stick surface.
- The handle is very comfortable to hold, even when hot.
- It has the capacity to boil water very fast.
- The lid is removable
- This is the perfect cooking appliance when preparing hot soups, noodles, and warm cereal because of its variable heating levels.
- The model is available in a stylish color (blue) and design.
- You can use this to prepare up to 1 quart of hot soup or beverage.
- The control knob is easy to understand and use.


Whether you want to sip a hot bowl of soup, noodles, or prepare your favorite cup of instant coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, the Proctor Silex hotpot is the perfect kitchen accessory for you. Because it offers varying heating levels, it can be used to cook a variety of your favorite dishes.

The soft-grip handle makes it easier for you to pour soups or hot drinks into a smaller container. Measurement markings are also found on the inside part of the pot for accurate filling. And because this hotpot has a maximum capacity of one quart, it's perfect for a big family who loves to drink a hot cup of coffee every morning.

Cleaning up is also easy because of its non-stick surface. The control knob has a total of eight heating options ranging from warm to boil.The handle has a soft-grip surface, letting you comfortably handle the pot when pouring into smaller containers, bowls, or cups.


Although the hotpot can be used to prepare coffee, it can only accommodate instant coffee. Its main purpose is to boil water or warm up dishes so brewing grounded coffee beans is not possible. You can also use this to cook different noodle and soup dishes but for dishes that require maximum heating, it's best to use other cooking appliances.

- Is a versatile cooking and heating appliance
- Can help you prepare hot water for your coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage
- Has a non-stick surface
- Features a easy-grip handle
- Can boil water very fast.
- Very affordable
- Available in stylish color and design
- Has a maximum capacity of one quart
- The control knob is very easy to use

- Can only prepare instant coffee
- Can only prepare a limited number of hot dishes
- Not meant for dishes that require extremely high heat for cooking

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