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Proctor Silex 44301 10 cup Brew Station

by carla


Proctor Silex 44301 BrewStation
10-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker

The Brew Station is my families beloved coffee maker, which was purchased at Wal-Mart a few years ago.

The Brew Station has produced rich flavored brew through several uses

The Brew Station keeps your product warm without scorching filters and burning your coffee pot.

I also utilized The Brew Station to make tea of various varieties. The brewed tea from The Brew Station makes the base for some delicious iced tea, and for warm tea also.

The Brew Station is simple to use and easy to clean.
You put water in the reservoir and put your coffee beans in a filter, place in a filter holder, turn your pot on and your ready to go. It is not as complicated as some machines which almost require a technical degree to operate.

The base can be cleaned with soapy water. I usually use mild dish detergent.
To clean the inside I will occasionally flush with baking soda or vinegar diluted with water to remove any hard water residue. This process prevents your coffee maker from becoming plugged allowing it to operate smoothly.

If you are looking to purchase a coffee maker I highly recommend this product.
It is economical, a recognized brand, and it is easy to find in most discount department stores.
As a bonus from time to time you can receive a rebate from your purchase,so be sure to save you sales receipt.
At the time of your purchase the cashier may ask if you would like to purchase an extended warranty. If you chose to do so Proctor Silex will repair or replace your unit at no additional cost. You are responsible for shipping and handling.

When you are in need of a new coffee maker I strongly suggest the Proctor Silex brand it is durable, affordable, and a product you can trust.

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Nov 12, 2010
by: J K

I like mine well enough. As far as filters I use regular paper filters with no problem. I've had mine a few years now . When pushing button to fill my coffee cup , I find that I have to tilt cup for bulkier cups . But most coffee cups won't give you a problem.

Jun 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

i HATE this coffee maker..it was fine for the first month oe so than it started to just dribble the coffee out when you wanted it..the reason for the light drizzle flow is because the the rest of the flow is running down the back of the fill zone..all over the counter! iv tryed everything its clean its well taken care of..its just not well engeneered..stay away from this novelty item if you are a regular coffee drinker unless you want to try to impress somebody with this cool looking gadgit..its truly a pile of junk

Aug 08, 2009
water filters
by: rshaggys

I love this coffee maker but I don't know where I can purchase replacement water filters. If anyone knows where to purchase them please let me know.

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