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Proctor Silex 43531 12-Cup Coffeemaker

For a budget-friendly and no-frills coffee maker, check out the Proctor Silex 43531 unit. This coffee maker is equipped with just the right features and an easy-to-understand control system.

Plus, this unit is available in a stylish white exterior, making it the perfect accessory for any modern or minimalist kitchen. First-time coffee maker users or those who want a simple machine should definitely opt for this model.

Key features

- This unit is very affordable.
- It has the capacity to brew 12 cups of coffee in one batch.
- The auto pause and serve function allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee even if the brewing process is still going on.
- The dual water windows allow you to see the actual water level inside the reservoir.
- The on button is lighted.
- Both the basket and carafe can be cleaned through the dishwasher.
- A non-stick hot plate keeps your cup of coffee warm for hours.


This coffee maker is perfect for those who want a simple machine that doesn't fail to give them that perfect cup of coffee everytime. Because of its 12-cup capacity, it's perfect for a family or small office who loves to enjoy cups of coffee in the morning and every break time.

You also don't have to get stressed when cleaning this unit because both the carafe and basket are dishwasher-safe. And if you like to take a sip of your favorite coffee even before the brewing process is finished, simply yank the carafe off from the unit. The brewing process will automatically stop because of the auto pause and serve function, resulting into a spill-free coffee cup and unit.

For a more accuracy when filling the reservoir, simply use the dual water windows to see how much water you will need for each brewing batch. After the brewing process, you are assured of a hot cup for a couple of hours through the model's non-stick hot plate.


Unfortunately, this coffee maker doesn't look very sturdy according to some consumers. The filter cup's spring mechanism has also become an issue for some consumers even if the unit was only used several times. This malfunction then leads to water overflowing back into the machine and sometimes even all over the kitchen countertop.

The unit doesn't also have an automatic switch off feature. This could have been very useful if you tend to forget to turn off your kitchen appliances after use. It also doesn't have a programmable clock.

- Is very budget-friendly
- Has the capacity to brew 12 cups of coffee per batch
- Lighted on button
- Includes a non-stick hot plate
- Uses an efficient heating and brewing system
- Features an auto pause and serve function
- The water reservoir has dual water windows
- Very easy to use with its uncomplicated control system

- Doesn't have a programmable clock
- Doesn't include an automatic turn off feature
- the filter cup's spring mechanism is prone to easy breakage

Comments for Proctor Silex 43531 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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Nov 03, 2011
You get what you pay for...maybe!
by: Anonymous

Yes, you get what you pay for...maybe, but is it really worth it? This model has been around for about 10 years. I had bought one before and swore I would never do it again. Well, they got me! I recently moved, threw out my old coffee maker by reason that its' warmer wouldn't keep my coffee warm any more which by the way should be your own expectation after having one of these for a while. So, while in my local supermarker, and to my surprise, I saw this model and thought, "Oh wow, deja vu, this thing is still around?" Well, I decided to give it another go thinking that it must have long since been improved since I had one previously, right? Wrong! There are many more cons than pros when setting up to use and while using this coffee maker. Don't be in a hurry, do your research, and remember, a coffee maker is a kitchen appliance that you will be using every day! First and foremost you should be thinking that you want it to be safe and reliable. Think about what you want to spend on it as a last priority and don't short yourself only to end up being dissappointed like me.

Oct 19, 2011
Takes forever to clean coffeemaker
by: mary@hale.net

The price is right and I think more coffee- makers should be priced the same as this one. However, I would never reccomend this coffee- maker to anyone. I have never had a coffee maker that was so hard to clean. Awful!

Apr 13, 2010
cheap but great!
by: Anonymous

I have actually owned two of these Proctor Silex coffeemakers. They're very inexpensive -- yet, surprisingly, the best coffeemakers I've ever owned.

When I first purchased the Proctor Silex, I didn't expect much. I had previously owned a really fancy Gevalia maker that made great coffee but was awkward and frustrating to use. The Proctor Silex impressed me with its ease of use. Basically, you have a single button control. You can either turn it on or turn it off. That's it. Nothing fancy.

But it's so nice to be able to get up in the morning and be able to set it up and have coffee ready in a couple of minutes. Nothing to worry about or fiddle with. No controls to set. No way to screw up and somehow have coffee pouring out on the counter because you didn't push the right button or didn't screw the top on just right or whatever (and believe me, that happened a LOT with my Gevalia).

The other thing I appreciate is that the unit is so durable and inexpensive. If it goes kaput on you (which only happened for me after a couple of years), just toss it out and spend fifteen or twenty bucks to get another one. They are just incredibly inexpensive. I also noticed that there was absolutely nothing on the unit to break or mess up.

Finally, I should note that the Proctor Silex makes great coffee! It has a built-in filter (which is great because it saves you a ton of money on paper filters), and the coffee's flavor is always bright and clean. You really don't need to spend a ton of money to make great coffee!

Jan 19, 2009
Easy to use, hard to clean
by: Chris

I purchased my coffee maker from a Wal-Mart near my home, about a year ago. I liked it not only because of its price, but also because I had read great things online about it. So far, it's been very reliable, and it's my favorite coffee maker.

The one I had before left a burnt taste to the coffee, but this one doesn't, and it's a wonderful change. Aesthetically, the filter tray is hidden under a lid rather than accessible through the front, which leaves a much cleaner line. Its white plastic appearance isn't unattractive, and is very nice on my countertop.

Though simplistic in function, it's easy to use, simply requiring me to flip a single switch to make coffee. The carafe is able to hold up to 12 cups, which is far more than I need in any given day, and I've even had enough for large events.

Cleaning the machine is difficult, however. Though it's easy to clean the carafe and the filter tray itself, I've hit problems when looking at the lid of the coffee maker itself. It's hard to describe, but because the lid itself is attached and acts as a lid to the filter tray, splatters of coffee grounds end up sticking to it, which I think is gross after a while. Also, coffee ends up between the bottom of the tray and the drain to the carafe, which leaves a nasty residue.

Because it's so simple to use, I've had people over that bring their own coffee (They enjoy it very much), and when they look at my coffee maker, they gave me a look of scorn. It doesn't have controls for water temperature, heating pad temperature, or anything other than a power switch. For my Kona coffee, it works just fine, but they tried brewing their special blend, and it didn't come out as well as we wanted. For that you should be warned - it's not the machine you want if you like fancy coffees.

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