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Proctor Silex 15-Cup Coffee Grinder E160B

Proctor Silex is a brand that is readily available. It has been around for years. I own some of the other products. I have used them for years. I find the brand to be economical and practical. I also own a Proctor Silex toaster and have no complaints with it.

This Proctor Silex coffee grinder has a 15 cup capacity. This is great, since I can grind enough for multiple cups of coffee in one grinding session. Another positive is that the product is made by a brand that has is pretty reliable. It comes with stainless steel blades. This is great because I would hate to have blades rust after use.

Stainless steel will stand up to washing without the dreaded rust of death. Then it’s into the garbage! The grinder also has a clear, see-through top. This allows for watching the coffee while grinding. NO more surprise disasters, because some other band's lid is opaque. This is a good feature.

The grinder does have a few minuses. The cord retracts back into the body of the device. I can see the day when the cord won’t retract. Since the feature would be used often after finishing with the device, I am not so sure of the durability of this feature.

Also lack of color choice. I purchased this is white. I would love to have been able to purchase a chrome or red model for a splash of culinary color, but doesn’t seem to be an option. Overall I would give this item a four out of five stars.

- Great for multiple cups of coffee in one grinding session
- Has stainless steel blades
- Has a clear, see-through top

- The cord retracts back into the body of the device
- Lack of color choice

4 out of 5

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