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Prince PCM-601

by Sarah S. Cabrera
( Bukidnon, Philippines )

I am one of brewed coffee lovers. Waking up in the morning means a cup of BREWED COFFEE for me and for my husband. I always made sure we dont run out of coffee and one day when we went to my mother-in-law's house for weekends visit; I noticed they dont have our favorite.

So, I immediately ran to the grocery named Gaisano and bought this coffee maker-Prince. Only to be very disappointed of it.

First, it brew very slow. Usually coffee maker emits the aroma of coffee beans, but this one I bought, do not give us titelating smell to expect a good coffee.

I guess it does not brew well. Then, i have to tilt the bottom side of the maker so that it will allow the water to flow to the nozzle so that it will come out. And if I fail to close the lid, even a slight mistake my coffee flows to the sink out of the maker.

It made me so pissed off. And you know what, the worst is the brewed coffee that flow from the lid down to the glass is not HOT at all, it is cooler than lukewarm. Oh god! this is ridiculous.

Come off it Prince Coffee maker! Whoever is the maker of this, please wake up and improve your machine! Or at least return my money.

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