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Philips Senseo Latte Select

by Michael B.

Now, let me start by disclosing I am not a die-hard coffee lover. However, I do like a good specialty coffee every so often, and I’m also fond of kitchen gadgets. Enter the Philips Senseo Latte Select (quite a mouthful)!

Philips’ Senseo franchise is one of the best known coffee pad machines, but their previous models would only give you flavored coffees with a thin, frothy layer on top. This newest member of the family will actually give you a cappuccino experience you’d think came from a much more expensive piece of hardware. This Senseo comes with a milk tank that piggy-backs on the machine, and when so selected, will brew a cup of cappuccino or latte macchiato with warm milk.

I would recommend getting some glass coffee cups if you plan on drinking macchiatos or café lattes. This shows the effect of the swirling coffee and milk much nicer than if you’d pour it into a porcelain cup.

The advantages? You can brew one cup at a time if you please, but the water container has enough capacity for eight cups without having to refill. Besides that, the milk tank is removable so you can stick it in the fridge and not be afraid of the milk standing out all night.

The nice thing about using coffee pads in the Senseo is that you can easily vary what you’re serving. Instead of making a whole pot of coffee, each guest can choose their own flavor. All you have to do is stick in a different coffee pad and press the button.

One minor niggle I have with this coffee maker is that while the water container holds enough for eight cups, the milk container only has enough for two good-sized lattes. Philips, take note and give us a larger milk container! (…but please keep the footprint the same, I love the fact it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my counter top).

I’ve been experimenting by filling the milk tank with chocolate milk, and the latte button serves up a warm glass of hot chocolate. No messy boiling in a pan, or sticking a glass in the microwave. A handy addition to this machine is that it has a self-cleaning function, which will flush the milk lines with hot water, so hygiene is factored in!

So in short, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, inexpensive way to offer your guests a latte or cappuccino, this Senseo Latte Select is a worthy choice.

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Jun 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Bought this from www.lattelondon.com or should i say scamed by www.lattelondon.com they are cowboys taking your money and giving you nothing. Run by a Brainless Thief!

Look at companyshouse they are not even trading anymore!!! they have been struck off so avoid these morons!!!

Remember www.lattelondon.com is a joke site and is not even a company.

Mar 30, 2012
Philips Senseo Latte Select
by: Jason

Great machine I picked mine up from www.lattelondon.com for under �100

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