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Philips coffee maker HD7446

I find coffee very useful in the morning.And what better way to make coffee then the "coffee maker"?You just put some water and coffee and it's almost instant.

I think it's the best coffee of the day,because wherever i go and drink a cop of coffee i feel it different because it may be "hand-made" or mixed up with too much water.The coffee maker has the big cup where you can measure how much water you put and another part where you have to put the coffee.So everything is measured and it has to be good.Well at least i love it.

I bet many of you like the coffee maker and it isn't expensive.Now comes the bad things about the coffee maker.It is pretty hard to clean and you have to clean it everytime you use it,so a small pot wins at this.It uses alot of coffee to make,lets say 10-11 cups...that means an average coffee maker,so you have to spend more money on the coffee.It isn't so economical at electrical charge so this is a minus too.

There is the space problem too.If you have a small kitchen as i do it is a problem beacause you don't know where to put it so that the cable reaches the electrical charge,or where to put it because you block the other things that are standing behind it.

So i hope this may help you in deciding if you want to buy a coffee maker or not.In conclusion i think it's good because you can get passed the problems that you might have,well at least i did.

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