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Nissan Thermos French Press Coffee Maker

by Sarah

I received this french press coffee maker for my birthday, and I love it! It makes wonderful coffee, and it's fairly straightforward and easy to use. You just add the coffee grounds and hot water, let it steep, then use the press to filter the grounds out.

Pour, serve, and volia! Lovely fresh brewed coffee. Even better, it's easy to clean - I just rinse it off in the sink. Mind you, a french press like this is really only suited for people who enjoy the ritual of creating fresh, strong coffee; it takes a little time, and is certainly not for someone who just wants to push a button and go. You have to heat the water separately, before you add it to the press.

I find that a basic teapot works well for that. But if you like your coffee to be an "experience," a nice french press like this one is just what you need.

I only use this type of press with whole coffee beans that I grind myself; it's part of the gormet experience that goes with a french press. This Nissan version is also a handsome silver color that's easy to wipe down.

I like it a lot.

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