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Nissan stainless steel coffee carafe, 32 oz., and matching Melitta cone

by Kitty Bennett
(Washington, DC)

We live on a boat, so are always looking for a nonelectric coffee maker. For awhile, we had a Melitta carafe, lined with glass, and a cone filter that screwed very securely to the top. The carafe was plastic, and had become an eyesore because it was scratched and grungy looking. We decided to try another type of carafe, namely the Nissan stainless steel 32 oz. coffee carafe. We bought it from ANTonline via Amazon.

The company's service and delivery were exemplary, but we are not happy with the new arrangement. The thermos, while attractive and truly stainless, is rather tall and narrow, and with the Melitta cone filter attached to the top, the whole arrangement becomes rather unstable and tippy. My husband actually had to alter the cone because it wobbled on top of the carafe, even though it is designed with a tube that goes into the mouth of the carafe. He wrapped some plastic around the tube to make it thicker so it wouldn't wiggle when it was sitting in the carafe.

All in all, I would rather have bought a replacement for our original carafe, which had a much wider base, but they are apparently no longer manufactured. The Nissan carafe, by the way, keeps coffee hot for a very long time, maybe 12 hours or so.

You just have to be careful not to knock it over while it's sitting on your counter, which is easy to do. Also, I would have rather bought a cone that held #4 filters rather than #6, but they are apparently not available. I'm noticing that #6 filters are harder to find in stores.

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