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Nesspresso c185t Le Cube Espresso Maker

I just received my Le Cube and it is the best thing ever! I have been searching for the perfect espresso machine so I could make my own lattes & mocha. I have tried several different ones and have finally found THE ONE! I am so impressed with both the machine & the Aerocinno Plus.

I think I have found my perfect recipe. I steam 8 oz of milk, add 1 oz of chocolate syrup or any other kind of flavoring, then one or two shots of espresso Love this machine. The only problem I have had with it is that it doesn't get hot enough on the first shot.

When I want really hot espresso I simply press the button once without a capsule in the machine and let the hot water run into my cup, then put the capsule into the machine and make my espresso. This works really well also, because not only does the espresso come out super hot (the way I like it), but by running the hot water into my cup first it gets the cup nice and hot which keeps my espresso from cooling too much when it hits the cup.

I have owned this machine for about two months and all in all I love it I have never ever liked the coffee produced by one of these coffee machines. I prefer a nice french press with boiling water, have used one for over 30 years and had no reason to change. On vacation we had one of these units in our rental apartment.

My husband loved it, I went out and bought a cheap french press to use for the time there. Towards the end of vacation I had a cup or two and damn, it WAS good. When we got home our regular morning coffee just didn't taste so good! We ordered The Cube and haven't used the french press once.

It really makes a delicious cup of java. When you order the coffee from Nespresso, it arrives the next day so you are never too far from the next cup Have had the Special Edition (White)C185 for over a year. Perfect in every way, and the BEST espresso I've had, although I do not tell my Cicilian Mother-in-Law!

A drop or two will drip after a coffee is made, but it does not continue, and is not a real bother. The coffee is pure and the crema is from 19 bar pressure, NOT non-dairy put into the pod, as some manufacturers do.

- It really makes a delicious cup of java

- It doesn't get hot enough on the first shot.

4 out of 5

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